15 October 2017

Sunday Shape-Up Series : Week 3

Hello there - I didn't mean to be quiet for a week, but last week was both busy and draining. 

It was good in the sense of what is happening here though, because I met my goals, and was also able to keep some things going, and that makes me happy.  I am most pleased that I am slowly but surely getting back to exercising, since that is not just good for me overall, but it helps my osteoarthritis keep from making me miserable.

This week my goals are modest, and I also want to keep going on the things I can continue.  Hopefully I'm on a roll!

1. Finish putting together a sweater.  I was able to work on this during the week one evening, and I'm hoping to finish seaming it together today or tomorrow so that I can knit the neckband, give it a good after-seaming block, and then actually wear it!  It's supposed to cool down, so in theory I could wear it sooner rather than later.

2.  Putting away summer shoes.  It's not like I have so many, but a couple need to be thrown in the wash before being put away until next year, so I'd like to get that done.

3.  Planning at least one meal ahead.  I used to do better at this, and it was useful.  And I hate coming home from work and realizing I didn't give any thought to dinner.  And it's especially annoying when, if I had only thought ahead, I could have pulled something out of the freezer to thaw, and would only have had to heat it up when I got home.

4.  I want to give the cats a brush at least once.  Another thing I used to do more regularly.  They all enjoy it, I'm sure it feels good to them, and it controls some of the shedding.

There you go.  How are you doing with any of your plans for the week?


Anonymous said...

Walking ........... pretty good

Eating healthy .........not where I would like to be, but doing better.

Crafting ........still can't focus. Stress means a LOT of mistakes.

Reading ..... see above. I just can't concentrate on my book. :-( Magazines are even beyond my focus right now.

Glad to hear things are going well for you.

Fiona said...

I need to finish off some crafting and photograph it for a blog post, phone the company that manage my pension...(been putting that one off for a while!) And like you, put away summer outfits and accessories.
Maybe you could share a photo of your sweater when finished, I'd love to see it, I am crap at knitting so stick to crochet which I find easier. Meal planning takes some organisation, but so worth it to come home and not have to start preparing food.
Have a good week.

Vera said...

Glad things are going well for you. I want to survive my re-entry into the workplace this week. tough after being away for a week especially at this time of year. And, I'm off again next Thursday & Friday. Crazy times, but good!!

Nance said...

Oh gosh! I am going to try and adopt your Goals #2, 3, and 4. Piper, the big fat Marmie cat, has blown his coat and is tufting and shedding all over the place. And mealtime around here is an ordeal akin to The Rack. If I wait until I hit on something I Feel Like Eating, we'd never, ever eat. Ever again. And my Shoe Situation is completely out of control--like out of the closet and onto the bedroom floor for "storage" as I dig around in piles and toss them all over the place.

I am, right now, failing at life more than a little bit. So--Shaping Up.

It's time.

elns said...

Best goals Bridget! I like it, inspires me so I will stick with you.
1) Can't think about sweaters until the socks are done! I don't think I can actually finish my sock this week, but I'm hoping I can at least start the foot by end of the weekend, Sunday.

2) I hold on to my summer shoes very very intensely. And threw away some dead summer shirts. I plan on decluttering a corner. I already did a first pass of knitting reorg and that felt good. I feel this fits your tidy theme for #2.

3) Ugh, I have been crap at meal planning. I kinda planned today but asking my husband if we could just do the frozen ravioli I made last month.

4) No animals or cats in my apartment, but the Kid's retainer could use a deep clean, and he can do it himself w/some of my nagging help!