What Does This Title Mean?

When I decided to start another blog, and focus on fitness, health, aging, and beauty (all from my standpoint, of course), I wanted to think of a good title that wouldn't be completely like every other title.

I started looking for a good quote that I could use, and came across this one, about aging:

"Old age is fifteen years older than I am" -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Perfect!  I know that I'm considered to be "old" as opposed to young.  And I know that some people are more freaked out by age than others.  Fortunately, getting older doesn't freak me out.  I always say that it's better than the alternative!

So now you know where the blog title was found, and why I chose it.  I felt that - at my age - it's what I feel like, since I don't feel like I'm even close to "old age."  It also shows a bit of humor, and I love that, especially when people have a sense of humor about themselves.

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