25 October 2015

Weekly Roundup of Interesting Links #7

Hi there - I have a few links for you this week that I thought were interesting.  Maybe you'll like them too.

I don't have enough room in my closet to hang up my sweaters.  But this would work for those of you who can do it, and I love that it would keep the shoulders from looking weird.

Have you Kon Mari'd your closet?  I have gone through and purged my stuff based on her ideas, but haven't quite finished the process.   Anyway, here is the visual for her suggestions on how to fold clothes.

I will admit that more often than not, when I decide to treat myself, it involves food and/or buying something.  But this reminder that there are other ways to do that is worth remembering.

Likewise, sometimes I have an easier time living a healthy life than others.  But I think that even some little things can make a difference, and the easier, the better, right?

Yesterday was the Mutt Strut, and not only was it fun for both Dug and for me, but we actually went over our fundraising goal!  That is the best thing that has happened to me all week, I gotta say.  Anytime I can help animals, I'm happy.  Should you be thinking, "Darn, I meant to donate," you can still do so!  ;-)

On that happy note, I'll say that I hope you have had a good fall weekend as well, and that this coming week is one of the best.

20 October 2015

Retro Beauty - The "Scent" Edition

Who remembers the G.C. Murphy & Co. stores, or Woolworth's?  For many years as a child and early teen, that was where I did most of my holiday shopping.

And I bought soooo many bottles of this for my mother ...

Who, to her credit, always acted like she was thrilled to death with it.  Even though later she told me it was one of the worst-smelling things ever.

But when you had $5.00, and it was $1.99 ...

15 October 2015


Only because it is something near and dear to my heart.

The post is here.

Thanks for reading.  We will return to the usual blathering soon.  :-)

06 October 2015

Retro Beauty - The Home Permanent

When I was a little girl, my hair was stick straight - as it still is.  My mother, on the other hand, had a thick head of hair that had a lovely natural wave to it.  She was a BIG fan of home permanents, and I cannot even remember how many I suffered through!

These were of course much less expensive than going to a beauty salon.  The brochures showed you results with women whose hair was lovely, flowing, with the perfect amount of curl.  Then Toni introduced Tonette, a home perm for young girls.

You may not be surprised to learn that I never turned out looking like any of the pictures in the brochures or the ads.

I spent a lot of time with frizz balls, evocative of a poodle.  

My mother of course, always said it turned out "perfect" ...

03 October 2015

Weekly Round Up of Interesting Links #6

Happy weekend to all!  I hope those of you in the direct track of Hurricane Joaquin are safe.  Here in Philadelphia, we are in between a heavy band of serious rain and the rain and wind effect of Joaquin.  It's pretty chilly too, which is fine with me.  Right now, I'm sitting here in my pjs with a cup of hot tea.  These times are some of the best.  :-)

I have a few things for you to check out this week, not really with any rhyme or reason, but hey that's what interesting links are for, right?

This first link is near something near and dear to my heart, not just because it takes place in the museum where I work, but in the very library in that museum where I work!  For those of you in the Philadelphia area, come and take a look - it's really a wonderful exhibit.

I don't know about you, but there are days when I am at work and I wish I could just come home and go right to bed.  Do you remember the episode of "Seinfeld" where George Costanza had a bed installed under his desk at work so he could take a nap?  His dream may have finally been realized.

Speaking of sleeping, waking up, etc., I think I may give these a try and see if a) I can do them, and b) if they make a difference.

Pretty Girls.  Enough said.

Have you heard about "Slow Fashion October"?  Here is my post on my other blog about it, and what I'm planning to do.  I hope you'll consider participating in some way as well.

And that's it for this week.  I hope all of you have a lovely weekend, filled with - or the equivalent of - a cozy morning in your pjs with a hot cup of tea ...