23 February 2015

Drugstore Dupes

I love makeup and skincare products.  And I try to buy the best that I can afford, but sometimes they don't turn out to be the most cost-effective (hence my BMST).

Then there are products that I have really liked when I received a sample, but cannot in any way justify or afford buying to use - for instance:
I've gotten samples of this, and though I am not part of its cult following, I have to admit that it is really nice, and made my skin feel amazing.  However, since I do not have $285.00 just sitting around, once the sample is gone, it's gone.  I did receive a regular-sized jar from my sister for a gift a few years back, and it actually did well on the BMST, but again - $285.00.  Not happening.

About a  month ago, I was in CVS looking for a nighttime cream for my face, and was just about to buy a L'Oreal product that was on sale, when I saw this next to it for $5.00 less, and decided to try it.  CVS lets you return things if they don't work, or you don't like them, so that made me willing to try it.

As it turns out, it's not too far from the Creme de la Mer - a little bit creamier, but it has the same feel on your face, and it has made my skin feel very soft, and a little bit more even in tone.  I'm not sure how it will work out on a per-use basis (the BMST will determine that once the jar is empty), but so far I have to say that it was a good result to my experiment in drugstore dupes.

Next, concealer.

A few weeks ago, I went to use my concealer and realized that I'd left it at my sister's house when we visited.  So I once again headed to CVS to buy something to use in the meantime, since she was sending a package anyway, and said she would put that concealer in that as well.  I'd read that Rimmel products were pretty nice, and had a good price point, so I decided to give this a try:

My opinion?  NICE.  You can control how much comes out of the tube onto the little brush by how hard you press the tube, and it has a nice, light consistency.  It blends into your skin with no problem, and not only stays put, but doesn't settle into creases and fine lines.  To me, it's an excellent dupe for Yves St. Laurent Touche Eclat.

I've used this concealer, and I like it, but the Rimmel is very nearly the same, and is approximately a third of the price.  I am still attached to my Touche Eclat, and I'll finish the tube, but I'll definitely keep the Rimmel to use when the other is gone.

These are my very own opinions, based on my own personal experience.  But I wanted to share them so that if you want to try some nice products and not break the bank, you'll have some suggestions to consider.

18 February 2015

Hair Happy

Well, I went to the salon last week, armed with my picture and determination.  I told the stylist that yes, I did understand that the woman in the photo had really thick hair, and so my fine, thin hair would be different, but that I just at least wanted the "idea" of that cut.  I also wanted to get my color refreshed, since a) it needed it, and b) we were heading home over the long weekend to visit family and friends.

I also considered this the last chance for this particular stylist, as she has been hit or miss lately.

I am really pleased.  I got a cut that I like, and the color looks great.  She seemed to understand just what I meant, and went out of her way to try and get it the way I wanted it to look.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  Let's face it, you wear your hair every single day, and if you are unhappy about the way you look, it definitely makes a difference.

Yes, I am vain.

But right now?  I'm also pretty happy about the whole thing.  No more Hair Dread!