23 June 2016

Life's a Beach

Now that the Summer Solstice has arrived, it really and truly is summertime.  And that means, if you have not gone shopping yet, it's time to get out there and buy a new swimsuit!

For some people, this is not one of their favorite things to do.  I know I am ambivalent about it, though I feel lucky since I bought a new suit last year (and then never even got a chance to get wet, either in a pool or by going to the beach).  

But I thought maybe some inspiration and pictures of good times at the beach might help inspire all of us.

Am I the only one who thinks they don't seem either footloose OR fancy-free?

Whereas, these bros are ready for fun and action in their amazing Jantzen swim trunks!

This poor guy!

He can only aspire to this.

I also never realized that this was the origin of "it" - though now, of course it makes perfect sense!

Regardless of whether or not you are lucky enough to have a Jantzen swimsuit or trunks, I doubt any of us have EVER had this much fun.

Who will she choose?????

No matter what you do though, I think we all know that everyone looks better in a swimsuit if they eat a healthy diet.

You learn something new every day, no?

P.S. I remember Jantzen swimsuits.  But they were too expensive for our family's pocketbook, so I don't think any of us ever had one.  Clearly we missed out ... ;-)

Have a good upcoming weekend, and don't eat too much [i.e. any] lard!

17 June 2016

Dirty Clean Hair

Hello and Happy Friday!  Actually I have to admit I'm actually not happy that it's Friday, because we have been on vacation this week, and so this is my last vacation day from work, which is way beyond depressing.

One of the things I did this week was get my hair cut.  I had originally made an appt for cut and color, but since we have been investing a lot of dollars into Dug's rehab therapy, I changed it to just a cut.  I was hoping that my gray hair would work to make it look good.

Well, I am pleased with my haircut - nice and short for the summer, and I don't have to blow it dry unless for some reason I want to (you know, a state occasion like someone's wedding or something).  But my gray hair has let me down, I'm afraid.  There's not enough of it to make the rest of my hair color look OK.

Growing up, I had blonde hair.  By the time I was 30, it was not the light blonde of my earlier life, but more of a dark, muddy blonde.  I used to get highlights, which helped a lot in making the rest of the muddy color look acceptable.  Then a few years ago, I decided to try getting all-over color, since I keep my hair short and the highlights grew out too fast.  My stylist at the time talked me into a shade of red, and not only did it look great, but it grew in just fine, with no weird-looking roots.

The last time I had my hair colored was about six months ago, when I had a falling out with the guy I had found and originally liked who was cutting and coloring my hair.  He insisted on doing what *he* wanted, and I was not pleased with the result.  So by the time I went to get my haircut on Wednesday, it was all grown out.  I had a nice splotch of gray in the front, and then other gray throughout, and it broke up the dull.

Sadly though, most of the gray got cut out.  And I'm left with sprinkles of gray, but 99% of my head is the color that my blonde hair used to be when it was dirty!

The good thing: I'm really the only one who cares.  I have finally realized after a bazillion years on the earth that 99% of the people I see don't notice me, or my hair, no matter how good or bad it looks.  Plus, at some point, I will have a ton of gray hair, and hopefully it will look nice.  In the meantime, I can save my $$ so that the next time, I can get some color.

The bad thing: I own mirrors. ;-)

08 June 2016

Thought Provoking

I do not want to discuss politics here, so if you are tempted to praise/rant/illuminate in the comments, please refrain from doing so.

But, for the first time in history, the U.S. has a presumptive nominee for President from one of the major parties.  Whether you loathe, like, or just don't care about Hillary Clinton, she did just make history, and it's a milestone.  Good for her, I say.

When I was a little girl, the newspaper was still divided into "Help Wanted - Male" and "Help Wanted - Female" sections.  At different points during my time in elementary and high school, I mentioned possible careers I would like (sportswriter, veterinarian), and was told they were not things that girls could do.  Any sports played by girls were in gym class only.

I am 60 years old, so this was not that long ago.  We have indeed come a long way.

I mean, this article is from 1968, and if you read it, it sounds like it's from a much earlier time!


And speaking of women, and how everyone has an opinion about what clothes are appropriate for older women, how they should wear their hair, etc., a friend sent me a link to this blog post and though I am not a fan of the F word, it did make me laugh in the context of the posting.  

I mean, even though we all know that older women all look like this:

Whereas, older men are always handsome, right?

That's it for now, I need to go out into the library reading room and "Shush" people ... 

03 June 2016

Happy Friday!

I think we've all thought this at one time or another ...

Have a good weekend!