27 April 2013

Forward Motion

I am a walker.  Big-time.  I walk nearly everywhere, mostly because - since we live in the city - it's a lot easier than waiting for the bus or the subway, and I don't know how to drive.  I do ride my bicycle, but my main mode of transport is my own two feet.

Sometimes I go for an exercise walk, and sometimes I head to the gym for exercise.  But in any event, I tend to wear out my shoes pretty quickly.  And with various foot problems, I have learned that it is worth it to invest in a good pair of shoes for exercise.  

Lately, though, I've been wanting to try a little bit of running.  I have no plan to become a marathon runner, or someone who runs above all else, but I am itching to add something a little bit different to my activities.  If nothing else, at this time next year, I'd like to be doing the Komen Race for the Cure running instead of walking.  Mostly, just to see if I can.  

Having thought about this and deciding to give it all a try, I stopped in last week at Philadelphia Runner, a store in the city devoted to running shoes, apparel, and other equipment.  A really nice young man waited on me, and he pulled out three different pairs of shoes to try, that would be good for both running and walking, as well as a set of Superfeet insoles.  At the time, I told him that I wouldn't be able to actually make a purchase until payday on the 30th, but he was nice enough to give me 100% of his assistance anyway.  Of the three pairs I tried, two were especially comfortable, and according to him, were very well-made, and not likely to wear out as quickly as the typical walking/running shoe.  

And of course, since there were two pairs that were possibilities, it was just as well that I wasn't having to decide right then between them.  Decisions such as that can cause me such agony, it's not even funny - especially for anyone trying to help me, or even just accompanying me.  But a couple of days ago, I made my decision - and in the end, it was because I liked this wild color of the New Balance W1080V3:

For someone who is used to mostly white walking shoes, or dark gray trail shoes, these are truly adventurous!

I just hope they make me adventurous enough to actually try running, and to be able to run the 5K next May ...

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