12 April 2013

Thoughts on a Friday

Today is an important day in my personal history.  Eight years ago, on this date, I had a mastectomy and reconstruction on my left breast.  It was life-changing in so many ways.  But in the end, all in a good way.  I thought of it today when I was eating my breakfast and decided that I needed to remember that no matter what else happens, I'm still above ground!

Here are some thoughts from my brain for this week.

1.  I need to "up" my activity and better eating level.  I am feeling too sluggish most of the time, and I want to feel better and healthier. Not that I am hopeless, but I need to remember that feeling better makes me happier, and get with the program!

2.  I wish I could find a nice pair of navy blue slacks.

3.  I think my makeup-buying spree last weekend actually has me set for spring and summer, for the most part.

4.  I tried "tightlining" on my eyes this week, and liked the result.  (Google the term, it will explain it so much better than I can.)  I love eyeliner, and since I can't get the "cool" look so many others seem to be able to get, at least I can make my eyes look prettier. I really like eye makeup, but not garish - just soft, pretty, and enough to make my eyes look awake!

5.  I want to try running.  Not that I will ever become a running fanatic, but just to mix things up a little bit.  Then again - see #1 - I just need to do things more consistently!

6.  One of the activities I want to do is to get our garden in shape.  Before the ick of summer heat and humidity get here, I want us to be able to enjoy ourselves in our nice, private outdoor space.  I used to love it when we would eat meals outside.

OK, that's it for now.  I am overall happy with myself.  I just want it to stay that way.

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