18 March 2016

Local Woman Makes Amazing Discovery!

A couple of weeks ago, I was noodling around on a local website, when I saw a link for a hair salon that is ridiculously near my house.  I clicked, and the website looked nice enough.  So then I decided to see if there were any Yelp reviews (I've had some luck with those in the past).  There were, and they were overall positive.  Most of the negative reviews had to do with the lack of parking in the area (duh), or that the place was too small (everywhere here is small, folks!), etc.  So on my way home from work, I decided to walk by and check it out for myself.

To give you some background, I thought I had found a pretty decent place, and had been there twice for haircuts before deciding to get color again.  I liked the guy cutting my hair, and I liked the place.  Well, when I told him about the color I wanted, he just blew up and told me there was no way he was doing that.  It would look awful, not work with my skin color, etc.  Now I know I should have just left the place at that point, but I was having an eejit day and said, "Well then what do you suggest" and he pointed to another stylist whose hair was a lovely color.  So I said sure.

And I ended up looking like Donald Trump was on my head.  Bright orange areas with fake blonde areas.  I had no one to blame but myself.  but I immediately decided I was never going back.

Now, back to checking the new place out.  I walked in, and it was clean, neat, and very pleasant looking.  Yes it's small (only 6 stations) and parking would be a pain (it's in a city neighborhood, so what do you expect? Anyway, I can walk there), but it seemed very appealing.  There was a very friendly young man at the front desk, and when I asked him if anyone there specialized in short hair, he immediately recommended someone.  So I took a card and told him I was gonna think about it.  I called a couple of days later and made an appt for a haircut.

So this past Tuesday was the appt, and I will admit to a certain degree of trepidation, as I always have when trying a new place.  But the stylist was so nice, and listened to what I was saying, answered questions, and had some suggestions.  I felt very much at ease, and left with a haircut that I liked, and an appt for another one.

That's all good.  But the most amazing thing?  The price!  In Center City Philadelphia, finding a place other than chains like Supercuts, etc. that don't charge $60.00 or more is a challenge.  (If anyone ever told me I'd spend that much I would have thought they were crazy.  But there you go.)  Well, this place charges $48.00 for their senior stylist (the one I had)!  I was amazed enough about that, but since it was my first visit, I got $10.00 off - my hair cut cost me only $38.00!!!  I haven't paid so little for a haircut since before we moved here. I know for some of you that may be still too much, but for me it's thrilling.

I just hope this stylist is a keeper.  So far, so good.  :-)


Vera said...

Yay for you! That is awesome. I live in the suburbs and have been paying much more...and it seems as though the price goes up every time I visit. I cancelled my last appointment and have decided to (again) grow my hair out. When I decide to get it "cleaned up" you can bet I'll be trying a different place. Wish I were closer to the city.....

Mereknits said...

Finding someone you trust with you r hair is essential, glad you are happy with you new place.

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT deal.

My stylist is at Ulta. A normal haircut with a senior stylist is $75.00. I don't know why, but Roberto cuts me a break and charges me $41.00. He does the BEST haircuts for my crazy, cow-licked hair. I hope he never retires.

Glad you found someone you like. AND --- you can walk there! Double win!

elns said...

Whoa, that is SUCH a good deal! You liked the haircut AND it was close to home? I am hoping for a repeat performance for you.

You're pretty funny you know that, right? "I was having an eejit day" Killing me, and I live in a city neighborhood too, and yes, I venture out of my neighborhood but I'm hyper sensitive to where I go by what mode of transportation because of parking AND how hard it is to get somewhere without a car. Isn't this required logic for city living?