02 March 2016


I can't remember why, but the other day someone mentioned Twiggy.  Remember how groundbreaking she was with her short haircut, eye makeup, and miniskirts?  This was Twiggy then:

And then I found this picture of her from 2014, when she was celebrating her 65th birthday:

And yes, I know she has a stylist, airbrushing, etc., but she has to look pretty good even beforehand to look this good now, right?

Also, how is Twiggy 67 now?  Really!


Anonymous said...

I want her sweater! LOL

Vera said...

Oh, I so remember the white eyeliner...Yardley makeup, etc. I could never-ever get it to look right on me, but so many I knew wore that look. I love her sweater too!!

elns said...

Dang she DOES look great, but I'm with Dee, I'm ALL OVER that sweater. WE could knit that.

Mereknits said...

I think she is more beautiful now.

Fashions said...

Beautiful photos