10 March 2016

Sisters, Not Twins

Last weekend, I stopped at the local Sephora because I had a gift card that a niece had sent me as an early birthday gift.  I was poking around, and I overheard something that I just loved!

A Bobbi Brown representative was in the store, and there was a woman maybe in her mid-thirties asking her about eye makeup.  The rep was very informative, but when they got to discussing eyebrows, the woman said, "My eyebrows hardly even show up, but I can never get them perfect with an eyebrow pencil."  At which point, the rep said, "Eyebrows should be sisters, but not twins."  She then went on to explain that too many people think their eyebrows have to match, but that is not the case.  She pointed out that even naturally, your eyebrows are symmetrical, but not perfect.

I really liked that analogy.  So of course since then I have been noticing people's eyebrows.  I have come to the conclusion that you don't have to have them look perfect, like this:

and I think that most people even if they try for this, and don't get it, look OK enough that you don't notice.  I'm a person who always notices someone's eyes, it's one of the first things I look at when I see a face.

And I have to say, I am always intrigued by this look:

where they are obviously drawn or tattooed, but in no way look natural.  I realize that a lot of people have really light eyebrows (mine are nearly invisible without cosmetic help), or have tweezed their brows beyond repair.  But having obviously drawn brows would make me more more self-conscious than having light ones.

Not a good look, if you ask me.

And even though I think this woman is beautiful, I can't get on board with unibrows.

Using the analogy the Bobbi Brown rep used, this would be conjoined twins ...

What about you?  Do you notice eyebrows?  I've always noticed them, but this week I seem especially obsessed with them ... you'd think mine were perfect or something!  ;-)


Vera said...

Ha! Good post. My brows are light too (and getting thinner/smaller as I age). I've used a pencil (lightly) for the past couple of years, but recently read that you should use a powder (eyeshadow) on your brows instead. I'll be trying this out (on a non-work day first - ha-ha). Never did like that conjoined look...didn't Brooke Shields look like that in her teen years?

Anonymous said...

I don't bother much with my own brows. They are almost completely white now.

I notice other women's make up --- especially tv news people, but I can't say I pick out the brows for "special" notice.

elns said...

I totally notice eyebrows and I have stopped having mine waxed because I swear they were getting skinnier and skinnier by the women. I tweeze shape them only now.

Also, the hair grows differently on one eyebrow than the other, One is made up of fewer but longer hairs and require a very careful shaping or I'll go bald eagle like you mentioned. I should use some eyebrow help, but I don't. too lazy. What? I'm wearing tinted moisturizer now, surely it's a step in the polished direction!