31 January 2014

January Recap

I started the year with great ambition.  Honestly, I haven't done much that has been on my list of goals and intentions.  Actually, I haven't done anything yet.

I am not sure why, but January just moved right along without me.  I know a lot of people don't like February, but January is usually hard for me.  Christmas is over, and though I am always planning for the new year, the month of January always makes me feel like I'm on hold or something.  And I guess it just always feels longer since not much happens.  For me at least, it's usually a "clean up" time.  You know, put away the Christmas decorations, get the house back in order, put away the gifts and clean out what is no longer needed.  All of these things need to be done, and in and of themselves they are not difficult for me.  But I think that having it all be part of January makes it seem like the month drags.

On the plus side, I didn't get sick this January, like I have the past two years.  And, we definitely did not have a wimpy month, weather-wise.  I did eat too much, and didn't really exercise at all.  I didn't spend a lot of money on useless things, and I did finish one knitting project and nearly finish another one that has been languishing.

I guess the most frustrating thing is that I just didn't care enough about anything.  Not really depressed, just uninterested.  I did what I absolutely needed to do  - went to work, did laundry, fed us, etc. - but did not feel the desire or the need to make any real effort.

I'm getting a little bit itchy do get a move on some things.  So we'll see if February makes me feel any more like I'm back on track.  I hope it does, because even though I've been uninterested, I've *wished* I was not ...

Having said all of that, it wasn't a terrible month ... it just ... was.

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Marie said...

I have times like that, too. At least those times eventually pass and we get back to doing things as usual.