12 February 2014

Falling Down

I wear socks nearly every day.  Even with slacks, I generally wear socks instead of nylon knee-highs, or nothing at all, because a) I get blisters easily, and b) my feet are often cold, especially at this time of year.  As a result, I can be really picky about socks.

For as long as I've been knitting, and for as many pairs of socks that I've knit, up to this point, I've only knit three pairs for myself.  I have a pair on the needles right now that are about 65% finished, but I don't knit that fast to crank them out quickly, so it would take me a long time to have my own hand-knit sock wardrobe.

One thing that drives me nuts is to wear socks that fall down.  It makes me really stabby when that happens!  I've gotten pretty good at being able to tell when I am buying socks which ones will or won't fall down, but there are always times when I fail.  Like recently.

I love Kohl's.  I think they are very nice stores overall, and have good prices.  Plus, they have a lot of sales and coupons, so you can really save on some very nice things.  For instance, I have quite a few cotton tees and turtlenecks from Croft & Barrow, and they not only look nice and feel good when you wear them, but they hold up well after many washings.  The Tim buys a lot of his casual pants there, and wears them to death, but they last a long time before dying.

But even Kohl's carries some things that are fails for me.  Recently, we shopped there, and they were having a sale on their Simply Vera socks.  Now, though I am picky about socks, I am also cheap when it comes to buying them.  I think nothing of paying $24.00 for sock yarn and knitting my own socks.  But I really hate to pay that much when I buy them.   Anyway, they had the Simply Vera socks on sale, plus I had an extra 20% off coupon.  With the coupon, they would be about $5.99 a pair.   So I bought two pairs of the crew socks.

Should you be tempted to try these socks, I have three words for you.  Just. Say. No.  For one thing, they are not very warm.  But then again, I wasn't buying them thinking they would be wonderfully toasty winter socks, though I hoped they would be as warm as "regular" socks are. They were not.  But even worse than that, they immediately started falling down.  As in, I walked out of the bedroom and they were bunched around my ankles!

Now, for whatever reason, I apparently thought that would change as the day went on, and kept them on.  They did not stay up.  At all.  For any length of time.  I even waited a few days to try the second pair, thinking that maybe the first pair was a fluke.  No difference whatsoever.

And so, in my opinion, even on sale, the Simply Vera crew socks are not worth your money.  They seem to be made cheaply and poorly, and I will definitely not be buying them again.

My two cents worth, but if you are picky about socks, I hope this is helpful.

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