07 January 2018

Fresh Start ... Again

Hello and Happy All Holidays I've missed!  I didn't give up on this blog, but I did abandon it for a while.  Life took over - well, mostly my work life.  November and December were busy, stressful, and awful, and I just spent time on my other blog,  But I'm back now!

I had been going along pretty well with my Sunday Shape-Up Series before I disappeared, and I have to say, that made me feel pretty good.  Sadly, a lot of what I had managed to accomplish slid right down the drain during November and December, so it's time to recommit and try to make ME be the winner, rather than work.  So there.  :-)

So, 2018, what do I want from you?  Other than the obvious things that most people want from any year, I really want to get back to physical and mental health.  Currently, we are in a deep freeze here in Philadelphia, so I'm unlikely to go for a long walk, and certainly not for a bicycle ride - but I can make sure I don't just sit in one spot all day, so today I am going to be sure to run a couple of quick and nearby errands - thereby getting something done while moving my person. 

That's one of my goals for today.  The other one is to try and get myself organized for the coming week, with ingredients that can be put together for a couple of lunches ahead of time, and getting stuff I need to take to and from work with me all in one place so I don't have to worry about it before leaving tomorrow, and also so that I won't forget something I want to be sure I have.

For the week, I hope to move a little bit extra each day at a minimum.  I'm considering trying a Pilates class that is early on Saturday mornings, too.  Years ago, I took a series of classes offered at one of my former workplaces, and I really liked it.  The class that is on Saturdays is beginner level, and I'm definitely still at that point, especially after all of this time.  If they haven't raised the price, it will be worth a try.

And of course, yesterday was the last day of Christmas, so I will start to organize stuff to put away until next year.  The last day to recycle our tree is next Saturday, that is my deadline.  I'm always sad to undecorate, but keep telling myself that Christmas wouldn't be as special if the decorations were always around.  Still, I wish more people could keep their good cheer for more of the time.

Anyway, that's it from here.  I hope you are having a good time of things so far, and that you will be able to pick up again and go forward if you "fell off the wagon" like I did.

Here we go!


Ellen D. said...

I like your encouraging attitude! I borrowed an exercise bike from my sister and am trying to bike for 30 minutes each night while I watch MASH reruns! So far so good! I like how you set goals for each day. I am going to try that - work usually takes all of my energy but small goals for myself each day will make me feel good! Thanks for sharing!

D said...

We fell OFF the wagon a lot in Jacksonville and then the weeks of looking for a place to live and moving were a healthy-living nightmare.

We joined a gym two weeks ago and that's the first step to getting back on track this year.

Wishing you luck with your goals too.

Nance said...

I agree: Christmas decorations left up far too long (like outdoors in March and April around here) are definitely NOT SPECIAL.

All the ice around outside has made going for daily walks impossible, so I'm hitting the semi-recumbent bike daily and making sure I don't sit for prolonged periods. Move More is my mantra.

And I am continuing to Throw Things Out almost daily--or to set them aside for donation.

Glad you're back on track with chunks of doable goals. It seems like the best path to success.

Vera said...

Good goals that all sound doable! I do organize stuff for work and plan my lunches ahead of time (usually....). It does make a difference. Moving more is difficult right now...yoga has been cancelled again due to weather. I'm hoping I can walk somewhere on Saturday if the warm-up will hold.