15 June 2017

Glamour Do's and Don's

When I was a kid, one of my older sisters had a subscription to Glamour magazine.  She was all about fashion and style, and what was the latest, etc.  I would usually take a look at it, because I took a look at/read nearly everything that was in the house (seriously, my parents had no interest in censorship - I'm sure I'd be in the care of Child Services in today's world).  Sometimes I found it interesting, sometimes it was all beyond my interest or understanding, but my very favorite part ALWAYS was at the end of the magazine, where they would have the page of Do's and Don'ts.

This isn't really a good representation of what it used to look like, but you get the idea.  I used to enjoy this because, at least when I was a kid, I seldom saw people actually dressed or made up like the "Don'ts" and found it highly amusing.

I haven't looked at a Glamour magazine in many years, so I have no idea if I would have the same kind of appreciation for it.  But I'll still see people whose attire or makeup is astonishing/frightening/whatever and think to myself, "Surely that's a Don't."  But that's as far as I take it.

Today though, we have a LOT more people deciding what is or is not appropriate - in just about every category.  I am particularly fond of the ones where they inform us of what women should/should not wear/do after the age of ____ (fill in the blank).   I guess I find it even more shocking/amusing that to some, it's gospel truth!

But a friend recently showed me this item, and I was highly amused because: a) after 30??? are you kidding me???, and b) one of the items is hoop earrings!!!  When I read this, I laughed out loud, because I don't understand how hoop earrings are a problem for anyone of any age.

I'm afraid I don't get it.  Granted, I see some hoop earrings that are so large/heavy/embellished that I would never wear them myself, or I would find them uncomfortable if I did, but I've never seen anyone of any age wearing hoop earrings and thought, "Whoa, that shouldn't be happening."

Shorts where your butt is showing?  I don't personally want to see anyone wearing those.  Sheer tops/dresses/pants?  Same thing.  I mean, there are so many other things to choose from, and someone is taking a stand on HOOP EARRINGS???

If you're looking for me, I'll be taking off my hoop earrings, putting on my orthopedic shoes with rolled down  knee-high nylons, and sitting in my rocking chair until it's time for my medication.


Anonymous said...

If you look in the mirror and you think DAMN I'm rockin' it today....I'm good with that no matter what you are wearing.

I might snicker behind your back, but it's your life ........go for it. Hoop earrings and all. LOL

P.S. Dos and Don'ts was always my favorite part of the magazine too. I loved the little black stripe they put over the eyes so you wouldn't recognize the Don'ts (like we would EVER know anyone in Glamour magazine).

Vera said...

Oh Bridget - thanks for the memories. I never liked that magazine very much but I ALWAYS enjoyed the Dos & Don't page. For years, my friends and I would crack up when seeing someone terribly dressed (in our opinion) and would always say: "There goes a Don't."

Hoop Earrings? I'm guessing I'll be joining you in a rocking chair (at least we can knit) waiting for medication.

Tired Teacher said...

Whoever "they" are needs to get a life! Some of the mentioned items are just plain silly and others are bizarre. I learned long ago to wear what makes me feel good and is comfortable. I may roll my eyes at the choices of others, but again, it's their choice not mine.

I remember that page in the magazine with the black bars over the eyes of the individuals.

Guess, I'd better make sure all my handknit socks match because evidently it's a "don't" f they are don't. Sigh!

Mereknits said...

I loved that part of Glamour when I was young. I seriously can't remember how old I was when I stopped reading it, 17? Hoop earring are for anyone of any age. I don't wear them as I wear the same pair of earrings every single day, but if I wanted to I would plop them in my 52 year old ears and wear them proudly.

Lorette said...

"rolled down knee-high nylons" You just made me almost fall off my chair laughing. My gramma wore those, with some kind of rubber band at the top.

I'm going to find my hoop earrings.

Angela said...

I am an older lady and I love hoop earrings and use it at least once a week. Love the way you ended your post...had to laugh. You have a great sense of humour!