16 December 2016

Brrrrr! So Why Are You Dressed Like That?

I don't know about where you are, but yesterday and today, it's been extremely cold in Philadelphia!  Yesterday I looked at the weather widget on my computer, and it said, "Current temp 27 Feels like: 6" and I had to laugh out loud, because the "feels like" wasn't even double digits!

As you may know, I walk back and forth to work.  In all weather.  And I have cold weather down.  I may look like the Michelin Man's homeless sister, but when I get to where I am going, I'm OK and not freezing.  To quote The Tim, I just "yeti-up and head out."

Granted, in weather like this, even if I'm not freezing while walking around, I still know how cold it is, as I am not able to completely swath my person.  But I will never, ever, ever understand certain things about people (OK, particularly women) related to this kind of weather:

1.  Sleeveless dresses without a sweater or jacket, etc.
2.  Open-toed shoes
3.  No tights, socks, etc.
4.  No gloves, scarf, etc.

Yesterday I was at a meeting with two women - who granted, looked lovely - but they were in sleevless dresses, and kept talking about how cold they were.  I asked if they'd forgotten to bring their sweaters to the meeting, and each one said they didn't bring sweaters with them at all.  One even said, "This dress looks awful with a sweater."

My sympathy level: -82

And then I see people walking around like this:

Um, no.  You may look stylin' but generally these people are also huddled into themselves, complaining about how cold it is.  1. Button your coat.   2. Buy gloves.  3. Wear closed-toe shoes.  4. Buy a hat or earmuffs.  5. (Most importantly) GET OVER YOURSELF, it feels like 7 freakin' degrees out!

My sympathy level:  negative off the charts.

I could go on: stiletto heels in the ice and snow, miniskirts with bare legs, etc.

Look, I don't know anyone whose goal is to look like crap every day of their lives.  And I can understand that for some people, looking as fashionable as possible is a goal.   I also understand the dreaded hat head issue.

But I would like to posit that you can still look nice, and be warm.  I'm not claiming to be a fashion plate by any means, but I've never scared a small child by being bundled up or made someone vomit from disgust when they see me walking around in cold weather.

And if you want to dress fashionably, and not look like I do when walking around, then SHUT UP about it!  It get so tired of people who are improperly dressed complaining that they are cold.

Now, if you used to live in a tropical climate, and just moved here, I get it.  But if you have lived here for even one winter, you have no excuse.  Even with global warming, there are still cold snaps and the polar vortex.  And I also understand that some are too poor to afford even a coat, and that is where the concern should be.

Also, don't tell me "you didn't know it was going to be like this" because even if you are obsessed with spending the day staring at your phone, there are still plenty of opportunities to hear or see a weather report.

There's a reason Santa dresses like he does, you know.  ;-)


Anonymous said...

Same thing here, but opposite ...............you don't LAYER in August and then complain how HOT Florida is.

By the way ............there ain't enough layers in the universe to make 7 degrees feel okay. There just ain't!

Vera said...

Are you sure your meeting wasn't at my office? I see those outfits ALL the time. Amazing.

Mereknits said...

Even here with the air conditioning blaring in the summer people need a sweater or shawl with their sleeveless dress. It is amazing that fashion rules over sensibility.

Pam Greer said...

It's not as cold here, but still in the 40's and I saw a girl with sandals on. I can't even imagine how cold my feet would be!