08 December 2016

Well Hello and It's December!

You'll be glad to know - or possibly not even care - that I completed NaBloPoMo on my other blog.  It was fun, though there were days when I would remember suddenly in the evening that I hadn't done a post for that day, and then I'd have to hustle to be coherent.

But now it's December, which is one of the best months, and it's also SEVENTEEN DAYS from Christmas Day!  I love Christmastime, so I am a happy camper.  I love giving gifts, making cookies, decorating, listening to music, and just about any other aspect I can conjure up.  This year, I actually knitted a fair number of the gifts I'm giving, so now it's just a matter of wrapping them and mailing them to the recipients.  Now don't get me wrong - I didn't knit a gift for everyone, just those I know actually enjoy and appreciate hand knit things.  The others are getting purchased items that were chosen for them.

Yesterday, The Tim got us a lovely little tree.  Which, on current count, has been knocked down three times by Jack the kitten.  The others are appalled!  Particularly Pip, who is the family narc.  This morning when I came downstairs, Jack ran past me to the living room where the tree is.  Pip was laying underneath it, and hissed at Jack, big time!  Hilarious.  I thanked Pip for his service, and told him he was a Tree Patriot.  I swear to God he puffed up his chest with pride. ;-)

Hopefully today will be better.  The Tim has the day off, and hopefully Jack got it all out of his system yesterday so we can put the light and ornaments on the tree over the next few days.  On the plus side, it didn't get knocked down overnight, so that's something.  (And proof that Pip Patrol is effective, I guess.)

I know that the above event, as well as Christmastime in general, can be stressful for a lot of people.  I saw this article yesterday, and though it seems very simple, I thought it might actually be helpful for some people to read and consider.

What about you?  Are you enjoying Christmastime/the holiday season? I certainly hope so.  Even if you don't like everything about it, I hope you'll find something to make you smile.


Vera said...

Yes, Happy December Bridget! We've only had small table top trees the past two years, but are going back to a "regular" one this year - I'm curious to see how Tyg reacts. Our son and his girlfriend put up their tree a few nights ago and Marcel (one of their cats) promptly climbed it! I wish I had a few more hours in each day to get everything done that I want to, but I'm doing (so far) a good job of not stressing. What gets done will get done and the rest won't!

kathy b said...

I too love all things Christmas. So happy my two adult kids will be joining us from afar. The tree goes up today and it always means kitty trouble!

Anonymous said...

Well, first! I can't believe it is already DECEMBER!!!

We are having SUCH a good time in Jacksonville --- seeing the decorations, feeling a bit of a "chill" in the air and putting up a few decorations of our own. It's the first year in a long, long, LONG time that I've actually enjoyed the month.

Tonight our apartment complex had "movie night". They were showing ELF outside on this big blow-up screen. I met several neighbors --- all of them truly NICE people. We talked CATS! Every single one of them has at least one cat and ALL were rescues. How cool is that???

Maybe Christmas time isn't so bad after all.

Mereknits said...

I am a huge Grinch, I am not fond of the season at all. IT seems to take so much out of me. I am ahead of the game this year but still feel like I have a list a mile long. I wish I could just sit, take a deep breath and knit. I have much to do and with work and Little B not a lot is getting done. Still it will all work out and in the end he will be magical on the big day.