20 October 2015

Retro Beauty - The "Scent" Edition

Who remembers the G.C. Murphy & Co. stores, or Woolworth's?  For many years as a child and early teen, that was where I did most of my holiday shopping.

And I bought soooo many bottles of this for my mother ...

Who, to her credit, always acted like she was thrilled to death with it.  Even though later she told me it was one of the worst-smelling things ever.

But when you had $5.00, and it was $1.99 ...


Anonymous said...

We were just talking about 'Evening in Paris' the other day at lunch bunch. I think we ALL bought it for our mothers or grandmothers at one time or another. Yes, I do remember it smelling quite horrid.

Up in Hatboro we thought the Woolworth's was pretty nifty.

My mom always wore Emeraude. My sister wore Estee Lauder Youth Dew and my grandmother was a Chantilly lady. I could tell you who was in the room with my eyes closed.

Now me? I was a Bonne Bell Musk Oil kind of girl. That or Gorgio --- which by my sense of smell now IS really horrid.

elns said...

Yes, I remember Woolworths, including the one with the cafe / diner counter. Wow. You know I love that you got your mother something. I don't feel like children do that much these days. A card yes, but the desire to actually get just a little something seems... that's a parents job to do. Oh don't mind my grumbles ;)

Mereknits said...

My Grandmother had a Woolworth's right by her, it was a treat to walk the four blocks to it and pick out a toy.