27 September 2015

Weekly Roundup of Interesting Links #5

OK, I don't have a lot of links for you today, and at least one is from a week prior to this one, but such is life, you know?  Hopefully you will still find something interesting here.

Frankly, I've been so busy with the Pope being here (in Philadelphia, not at our house, though how amazing/weird would that be?), I've probably missed some things, but here you go.

I love this purse from the Kate Spade show at the recent New York Fashion Week.  I am sure that a) I could never afford it, and b) would never carry it because it's not practical, but that would not matter because it is a TEAPOT!

I am not a fan of Apple products (I know, it's me and Bill Gates as the only members of that club), and this annoyed me in particular.

If you are someone who is trying to lose some weight, here is a helpful hint.  I love water, but frankly I slosh around as it is ...

Did you ever eat a ton of hummus or something like that, and then realize, "Oh crap, I have to go to a meeting/interview/whatever?"  Try one of these suggestions, and give yourself a break.

This article was one of my favorites in forever.  Just yesterday, I had some broccoli that was getting a teeny bit yellow on the top, and put it into a crockpot recipe.  The dish was yummy and we are both still alive and well.  :-)

Related to the food link above, are you guilty of discrimination against ugly produce?   I can remember my mother saying "Oh for God's sake, it's fine, just eat it!"  Apparently she was on to something ...

Have a good week, and eat well!


Mereknits said...

I think you did a terrific job with your links considering the Pope was in town. You are right it would be really weird to have him in your home!

elns said...

Did you see the baby Pope? Apparently some lady brought her baby to see the Pope dressed up ... like the Pope and he thought it was such a hoot, he stopped his parade.

I try very hard to drink my water. I am worse about it on the weekends because I do not sit down as much as I do when I work. And look! it also helps funky breath! Water for the win :)

I am totally and completely guilty of discriminating against ugly produce. My husband shames me for it all the time. I'm trying to change my ways. I'm also one of those people that seems to be a victim of food marketing and get really wary about expiration dates. I'm doing better on that I think too.