12 September 2015

Retro Beauty - Home Salon

No interesting links this week.  Not because I didn't have them, but because I mistakenly deleted them.  Sigh.


Lately on Facebook, I've been following a page about mid-century fashion and beauty and it's both entertaining and nostalgic.  So I have decided to share some old-timey/retro/vintage/whatever-you-want-to-call-it images here, since I enjoy them so much.

This week, the perfect accessory for making a home shampoo and set feel like it was at the salon.

I remember that my sisters talked my mother into getting one of these when they were in their early teens.  Then, straight hair styles came into fashion, and my mother ended up being the one using it all the time.  Whenever she would wash her hair and use rollers, she would get under the home hair dryer.  She'd sit there and read and/or have a cigarette, and everyone thought it was just so modern.  I remember her trying it on me a few times, but I would end up with a red line around my head from where the elastic part of the bonnet was, and that red line would last a few days.

Blow dryers didn't actually start to be available at a price we could afford until I was in college, so if you weren't someone who could afford to go to a hair salon all of the time, it was either drying your hair in this glamorous fashion at home, or letting it air dry.

I had actually forgotten all about these until I saw a picture the other day.

Did you have one?


Vera said...

OMG - too funny. And, yes, I did have one. I would wash and set my hair and then sit under that thing and read. I look absolutely awful when it was done. Thanks for such a funny memory!

elns said...

I swear my Aunt had one of these in the closet and I would use it as part of my space ship imaginary play. hahahahha! She looks so satisfied/content in that photo. thanks for taking us back.