23 September 2015

Smell Ya Later

Perfume (which for the purposes of my discussion means actual perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, name it) is a polarizing thing.  Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  Some are allergic to strong scents, and some just don't want to have to put up with others' choices.

For the most part, I am one of those who like it.  It always seems like a treat to me.  Though of course, I've been overwhelmed by people who seem to wear the entire bottle at one time, or scents that I just don't like at all.

One library I worked in had a regular researcher who was a minister, who seemed to use an entire bottle of Calvin Klein's "Eternity" - and though it was just ridiculously overwhelming and way too much, we all agreed it was the perfectly named scent for a minister.  :-)

I like a lot of different perfumes, though some are "special occasion" and others are just fine for every day.  This is of course my own thing, since it's not like there are instructions in the box with the bottle stating when and where the scent should be worn ...

For the most part, samples are good for me, and usually what I can afford.  It takes me a long time to use a whole bottle - often I'm sick of it well before it's gone.   Anyway, here are some that are faves of mine.

Jil Sander No. 4 - I like this in the fall.  The scent just seems right then.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir - a little of this goes a LONG way, and it's considered kind of Old School now, but a light wafting of it in the fall is something I enjoy.
Chanel No. 5 - another Old School but classic.  This falls under the "special occasion" category for me.  I made this sample last for years ...

Yves Saint-Laurent Parisienne - In my brain, this is for the springtime.

Jo Malone perfumes - these seem to have something for everyone, all year round.  I've had several samples of different ones, and for the most part liked them.

But this is one of my all-time favorites - so much so that I treated myself to a [small] bottle!

This is Bulgari Au The Blanc (white tea).  What I love about it is that it is a scent that is *so* delicate, even you can hardly tell you have it on right after you spritzed yourself.  I remember reading somewhere that it has the kind of scent that makes others notice a pleasant scent without screaming that you are in the room.  It is the only actual bottle of perfume that I have ever bought for myself in a "regular" size, and have used the entire bottle!

I've come a long way with perfumes since regularly buying my mother a bottle of "Evening in Paris" at the drugstore as a kid ... :-)

What about you?  Do you like scent?  What are your faves?


elns said...

I enjoyed this post. I have a strong desire to go to the department store and sniff them all now. hehe. The overpowering scent is a problem no matter how good, indeed.

I am pretty picky about scents, especially my own. I have also noticed my sense of smell is pretty bad since I was pregnant weird huh? Anyways my husband is not a fan of scent as in perfume so I have stuck to scented lotions these days. Right now, my favorite is Seaberry from Fresh.

I am a fan of Jo Malone :) I like clean smells the best I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I DO like scent, but right now I am all out and far too cheap (UHHHH, I mean frugal) to buy another.

I love Aromatics Elixer, but it doesn't love me anymore. It used to smell good on me. Now it is overwhelming and not in the good way.

My last perfume was Inis. It's a perfume from Ireland and very light .....I could describe it the way you described Bulgari --- you notice a light scent, but don't automatically think perfume.

Lorette said...

Love it. But it needs to be relatively light and subtle. And I can't wear it to work at all. I too like the Jo Malone scents, My current fave is the Peony and Blush Sage. Chanel 5 is another long term favorite, as is Geurlain l' Heure Blue. And sometimes perfume does change on you, it can be your body chemistry. There are several I wore when younger that just smell skunky on me now.

And my mom wore Evening in Paris too. Must have been the time.