08 November 2013

The Season of Itch ... And Something That Helps

I don't know about you, but as the weather gets cooler/colder, I become a happy camper.  I'm one of those people who loves it, and does not mind that it gets dark early (it's supposed to!), or that you need to wear more layers, or that you want to cozy up under the covers in bed.

One thing that is a drag though, is that this time of year is when my skin starts to get really dry - not necessarily on my face (that happens, but fortunately I deal with it pretty successfully), but everywhere else.  So dry that it sometimes cracks and bleeds, and at a minimum has that crepe-y, dried out look that you see covering tomatillos at the grocery store.

My dermatologist gives me a prescription for Lac-Hydrin Lotion 12%, which definitely helps, but it is pretty strong stuff, and can't be used everywhere on your person, and is really geared towards use right after you have bathed or showered.  So I was always on the lookout for something else.  I tried many different products, but they either really seemed not to do anything, or they were too greasy, wouldn't absorb, etc.

Then, I read a post on the blog Girls of a Certain Age, where she talked about some of her favorite drugstore products.  She recommended Curel Itch Defense Lotion.

I figured it was worth a try, and at the time, had a $5.00 coupon from my local CVS, so I bought a bottle to try.  And I have to tell you, after a little more than a year of using it, I really like it!  It was pretty reasonably priced (even without the coupon, it was $8.99), it has a pump top (which I like, since you can even use your arm to get some product if your hands are lotion-y), and lasts a long time - both in the bottle and on your skin!

When you first pump some, it looks and feels like it's gonna be one of those thick lotions that either stay on top of your skin all day, or take forever to rub in.  But it goes on smoothly, and your skin drinks it in right away.  For maybe a minute at the most, your skin still feels a little too moist to get dressed, but after about a minute, you just feel soft and your clothes/socks/tights/whatever go on without a problem.

It doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy, or even slippery, which is a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

So if you are looking for something for dry, itchy, wintertime skin, you might want to give this a try.  I have no personal affiliation with the product or the company that makes it, nor do I profit in any way if you try it.  I am just a person who feels like it is a good product, and wanted to let you know.

Have a good weekend!

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