29 November 2013

Product Review - Disappointment

I am a big fan of most of the Trish McEvoy cosmetic and skincare products that I've tried.  I can't use them as much as I might like, because they are out of my price range, but occasionally, I'm willing to splurge.

My latest splurge was on a tube of Lash Curling Mascara.  The sales person at a nearby Nordstrom convinced me that if I liked other Trish products, I would like this one.

As I said, I've really liked any other products from this line that I've tried, but unfortunately this one didn't fit into that category.

The price point was not as high as other high-end mascaras ($31.00), and I've had some good luck with some of those when I've tried them.  But - at least the one that I have - this one is not the kind of mascara I like to use.  From the first time I've used it (a few weeks ago), until yesterday (my most recent use), the brush came out of the tube with way too much product on it - and it was not in any way pumped by me before I pulled it out.  Even when I would wipe it with a tissue, it deposited way too much mascara on my lashes, and was extremely clumpy.  No matter how little I tried to use, I always ended up with too much on my lashes.  And trying to remedy the problem with a lash brush, trying to separate the lashes, made little to no difference.

I cannot recommend this product.  It's really too bad, since the other Trish products are excellent.  But this is the one I won't be trying again.

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