19 November 2013

Sick Sucks

I realized the other day that I haven't done too well with my fitness goals for this year.  I was blaming it on laziness and no motivation (which is part, but not all of it), and then I realized that a lot of what it was, was just that I'd been sick a lot.  Not a cold or sore throat, since a regular run-of-the-mill one of those doesn't necessarily knock me out, but being I'm-staying-in-bed-sick, which often takes longer to recover from than it lasts in the first place.

Last January, I got really sick for several weeks, and for an entire week was not able to get out of bed and get around at all.  Pneumonia.  And then for a month or so afterwards, my doctor wanted me to take it easy, and even if he didn't, it took a really long time for me to get any of my energy back.

My motivation suffers greatly in the summer when it's hot, and so I seldom did anything.  This is the laziness factor, because the heat takes a lot out of me in the first place, and once I get home from work, the idea of doing anything else at all seems draining.

Then this past September into October, I had shingles.  Extremely painful, and the doctor told me to stay as still as possible.  The initial rash/sores/whatever you want to call them went away after a couple of weeks, but I still had a lot of pain for a month or so after, and was advised to take it easy.

As a result, my fitness has suffered, and my endurance is pretty low (not that it was ever that high).  Today I woke up and it was hard to breathe, and as the day went on, I felt worse.  I am hoping that over-the-counter drugs will help nip things in the bud, because the ultimate insult is to be sick at holiday time.

Reason #97766219899 that being sick sucks.  Wish me luck in my attempt to prevail!

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Marie said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I know about being sick for the holidays: I was in the hospital at Christmas when I was five, and I was sure Santa would not be able to find me (but he did).