15 August 2013

The Continuing Hair Saga

You'd think I was a hair model, as much as I worry/think about/ponder my hairstyles and haircuts.  But sadly, I'm just obsessed.  You may remember this post, where I talked about how I had a great hair stylist, but she stopped working after her second kid.  Since then, I've gone several places, with varying degrees of success.  Fortunately, nothing terrible, but nothing WOW either.

Recently, the salon where the great stylist had worked sent me an e-mail, saying she was returning part-time, and was only going to work on Saturdays and Sundays.  Which is good from the standpoint that it's not the middle of the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I'd be at work, but could mean getting appointments could be tricky.  However, the place is on the other side of town.  Not impossible, but not terribly convenient.  Anyway.

A week from this Saturday, it will be six weeks since my last cut.  I try to go every six weeks, because it keeps me happy with the way my hair looks.  I've gone to one place the last couple of times, but the woman who has done my hair, though nice and very talented, seems like she really only wants to push me to get more products and services there.  I've observed that it seems to be the M.O. of the place.  A place I tried before then had a woman who was nice, and it was very close to my house, but the woman cut my  hair dry, which just seems kinda weird.  Yet another place I tried is also nice, and relatively close to my house, but you need two different people if you are also getting color, because they have stylists and then also colorists.

Because I am weird, I have made appts for next Saturday at each place, thinking that as it got closer, I could decide which one to keep, and call the other places well in advance and cancel.  I really and truly thought this would mean I'd be able to decide.  But of course I cannot.  Today, I've narrowed it to the original place, and the place close by where my hair is cut dry.

This is all a) crazy, b) sad, and c) ridiculous.  I need an intervention.

And a haircut.

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