31 August 2013

No More Trauma ... For Now

Well, I have survived both the trauma of my hair and the saga of my hair.  Earlier in the summer, I thought I had finally found someone who "understood" my hair issues and desires. And overall, she did.  The problem was, that she insisted that the couple of times I went to her, I *needed* additional products or services - you know, a gloss, or some special styling product.  Even though (at least during the summer) I keep my hair very short and don't blow it dry, so it never really has a "style."

I got really frustrated, and when I went to make my next appointment, the person on the phone asked me what "additions" I wanted.  Now, I'd noticed that it wasn't just my stylist, but it appeared to be the M.O. for the salon.  I said I wanted a cut and color only, but she kept insisting.  So did I, and eventually she gave up.  A few days later, the stylist called me, explaining that there would surely be things besides just a cut and color that I needed, and after a brief discussion with her, I just said I wouldn't be returning.

Then I was faced with the problem of just where to go.  After some thought [a ridiculous amount to be honest], I made an appointment someplace I'd gone before, that I decided needed another chance.  I even found a picture that showed the cut and color I wanted, so I figured if the stylist didn't get close, I'd know that I should try yet another place.

I handed her this photo.  She said, "Oh that would be great!" (good sign), and got started.  Now don't get me wrong, I like this woman, but I'd gone to her a couple of times before, and though my hair was always OK, it was never exactly what I'd hoped for.  But the salon is really close to my house, and though not inexpensive, it is reasonable for this area.  And I actually first met this stylist when she was a customer at a yarn store where I worked part-time.  So I figured she had first chance to get another shot at things.

The result:  Except that I do not have the face or neck of the woman above, I have her hairstyle and color.  EXACTLY.  And I mean exactly.

I am so happy and relieved!  She was thrilled with the results as well, so I think we might have really hit that happy balance between stylist and customer.

Now I just have to make sure that she doesn't move away or something ... :-)

Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

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