09 August 2013

Eating Clean

I really try to eat healthfully most of the time, though like everyone else, I'm not 100% successful all of the time.  Life is too short not to enjoy some things.

A few years ago, Wendy posted on her blog that she was making a conscious effort to eat better and feel better, through something called the Eat-Clean Diet.  I was skeptical at first because, well, it was a diet plan, and I find most of those unrealistic, at least in the long run.  But as I poked around the website, it seemed more like a way of eating rather than a specific diet plan, where you gave up so much for so long.

So we gave it a try, and really liked it!  At first, we followed it very closely, mostly to see if our habits changed, but also to see if we could do it reasonably.  Granted, since we try to eat well in the first place, it wasn't too hard to adjust, and we started in the summer which means that fresh fruits and veggies were readily available.  And honestly, it wasn't too difficult, and I for one felt a lot better physically.  As far as I know, I don't have any serious gastrointestinal issues, but let's just say that eating clean made me more comfortable and leave it at that.  My husband was really pleased, because he also lost quite a bit of weight.  (I did too, but that wasn't my primary goal.  It does help with that, though, if you are looking for something to try.)

Of course, after our three-month strict trial, we stopped being so very careful.  The interesting thing is that we had been able to change our eating habits somewhat, and we did add in a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage to the mix, because we enjoy that.  In the intervening times, we've ebbed and flowed as far as our "dedication," but I can truthfully say that we keep with the Eat-Clean Diet overarching theme.

Why am I sharing this?  Because in the past couple of weeks, I've talked to people who are trying to think of how they can eat better, and consume less junk food or processed food.  And as I was thinking about it, I thought, why not share the info here as well?

I'm not saying that everyone should try it, or that everyone even needs to try it.  I just thought it was worth mentioning as an option for anyone who wants to give it a try.  Let me know if you try it, and what you think.

Bon appetit!

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