05 July 2013

I'm Just Not Sure About Yoga ...

Hello there!  I hope those of you in the U.S. had a good July 4th.  The Tim had to work until 3:00, so we stayed put and had our picnic inside (which we would have done anyway, as it was way too hot to eat outside!), then watched fireworks on TV.   This is primarily because fireworks in Philadelphia often don't even start until 11:00 p.m.  Since both of us had to work today, we knew it wouldn't be a good idea to stay up later than usual.

Anyway, about that subject line.  Many years ago, I had a VHS tape of a yoga program.  I would try it a couple of times a week, and I'm pretty sure that I wasn't really doing it correctly, but I enjoyed it, and it made me feel like I was trying to do something good for my health.   Then, about seven years ago, when I was recovering from multiple surgeries in a five-month period, my physical therapist suggested that I try it again.  So I signed up for a 6-week workshop.  I enjoyed it, but never quite got it right.  Oh well.

In between that first time and the second time, I had a couple of opportunities to take Pilates classes.  I really loved Pilates, even though if possible, I was worse at that than I was at yoga!  I have some Pilates DVDs that kept me going for a while on my own, but eventually stopped altogether.

So in the past couple of weeks, I've managed to get myself back to the gym on a regular basis.  Which is making me feel so much better!  I looked at the classes offered, and saw that there is a Vinyasa Yoga class on Saturday mornings.  So last Saturday, I grabbed my mat and took that class.  It was long (1 1/2 hours), hard, and I was worse than ever!  I think it was because I am not flexible enough to keep my moves "flowing."  Plus, I have bad knees, which give me problems when I do lunges, and arthritic wrists, making anything like downward dog difficult.  But I got through the class, and felt like I'd done a good thing.

Until Sunday.  And actually, the rest of the week.  My knees survived, but my wrists are really sore. Wearing the braces I have overnight and taking naproxen only help a little bit.  I managed to get in two workouts this week, though I didn't work as hard as usual.  My wrists are finally starting to feel back to normal.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll go again tomorrow.  One of the people in last week's class said that on Monday evenings, there is a Hatha Yoga class that might work better for me.  I've done some reading, and I think it might be worth a try.  Though I don't know if I should wait another week before trying it or not.

Sigh.  I sure wish they offered Pilates ...

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