08 September 2012

One Week Later ...

Well, at the end of my last post, I said that next time I would talk about my plan to exercise.  It's not anything amazing or new, but if I "write it down" here, I probably have a better chance of following through.

As I mentioned, we are going on a trip at the end of October.  I would like to feel enough in shape by then that if I want to enjoy an extra pint, or a dessert, or some potatoes, I won't have defeated myself right off the bat.

Every day of the week, here is my regular activity:

Early a.m. = I take our dog for a 15-minute or so walk before showering, dressing, breakfast

A little later = I walk to work, which is slightly over a mile away.

At the end of the day, I walk back home, another little bit more than a mile.

I am not counting these, since I do them all the time, and my body is used to that. What I want to do, is keep track of other activity, or out-of-ordinary activity. So, for instance, if I have a chance to get in a bike ride, or go to the gym, that will count.  On Thursday evenings, and weekends, I walk the dog for a longer amount of time, and we go a lot farther, so I'll count that.

This week, I didn't make it to the gym.  However, I did manage to walk an extra 6.8 miles, and I lost 1.6 pounds!  I watched what I ate more carefully, and resisted the urge to just "junk out" on things.  I'm actually really pleased about this, because it's what I want to do - go back to a more active routine, and eat reasonably, with only the occasional treat or splurge, not every day.

A couple of summers ago, my husband and I did the Eat-Clean Diet together, and it was great.  But he didn't want to stay on it permanently, and it's one of those things that is just truly difficult if both parties aren't involved.  So I'm trying to apply some of that to what I'm  doing now, and adding more activity.

Time will tell, but my results from the past week have really encouraged me.

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