25 September 2012

Another Week and Slow But Steady Progress

I am really feeling like my plan to be more active and get healthier is taking form.  Admittedly, last week I didn't get any extra walking in of note, but I did go to the gym twice and completed my workout!  That is HUGE for me, since of course I thought well, maybe I was too tired, etc.  So I'm really pleased about that, and maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but I think this time I may be able to stay with it.

Right now, my plan is to go the gym whenever possible to do my workout on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then once on the weekend.  Then if I take a class, or walk, or ride my bicycle (or even finally start seeing if jogging works for me), it will be icing on the cake (and I do love cake, though I will try to not eat it just because I can).  I so hope I can keep this going, it feels good to know I've stayed with it this long ...

Today at work I picked up this week's CSA order, and there were leeks and potatoes among other goodies.  I think that calls for homemade leek-and-potato soup, of course not using cream, a) because we usually only have cream in the house for holiday baking, and b) but also because I don't want to make it a "bad for you" soup.  I'm thinking this weekend will be the time to do it.  The weather is supposed to be nice and conducive to both making and eating soup.   And soup - homemade or otherwise - is a favorite of mine.

So I'm not setting the world on fire, but as it says in the title of this post, I'm making slow and steady progress.

I'll take it.

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