24 September 2017

Sunday Shape-Up Series Announcement

Well hello there!  Fall has officially arrived - though the weather still needs to make the realization (I mean, 91 degrees and humid on September 24?  Pffft), and I don't know about you, but September and the arrival of fall always make me want to start fresh.  In everything and anything, it's actually kind of like a second New Year's to me (but with the holidays still on their way!).

In other words, I am always inspired to "shape-up" and get myself in gear.  And I don't mean only shaping up in terms of exercise and activity - rather, I want to get going in as many ways as I can that are important to me.

So in order to keep myself honest, I'm announcing my Sunday Shape-Up Series, which will officially be underway by next week, on Sunday October 1st.  (The OCD part of me likes to start with the new month, what can I say?)

Here's how it will work:  I'm going to make a list of things that I would like to do long-term (i.e., through the end of the year or more), and short-term (this week? tomorrow?) and post them here.  Then each Sunday, I will regale you with tales of how I did or did not work towards them.  I figure if I have realistic plans, and something both immediate and long-term to think about, I'll do better than if I say that I am going to DEFINITELY do X by such-and-such date.

That's it really.  If I accomplish said goals, that will be a good thing.  If I don't, I will either decide that tomorrow is another day, or that maybe that goal is a) actually not attainable for me, or b) not something I'm really committed to doing, and go from there.

Will it work?  Who knows, I hope so!  Only time will tell.

Care to join me?  Feel free to make up your own version of this and share it - or not - with others.  In a way, it's kinda like a KAL or MAL (in craft terms for those of you not familiar, that means "Knit-Along, Make-Along" where people work on projects together for a period of time), but completely personal and adaptable to your own situtations.  The deadlines, the ideas, all of it is up to you and in the time frame you decide.

In any event, I'm giving it a try and if nothing else this is a warning that if you show up here, there will be a minimum of one post a week, and it will be on this topic.

Things are swimming around in my brain as I write this - now I just have to try to pick and choose where to start!  (OK, that could easily take a week ...)


Dee said...

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

OMG ...I thought I was the only one that had to start things at specific times. You can't just start a diet on say .....Wednesday! It has to be MONDAY or the FIRST of the month.

Rules, you know!!!!

Good luck .....and happy Shaping UP!

Tired Teacher said...

I'm a list maker, but I haven't made a craft (knitting or sewing) list of items to make or finish in a long time. I will mull this idea over and try to find something that will work for me. Thanks for the idea.

Nance said...

Oh goodness. Specifics. Not my best thing.

I have always said that I am on a continuous path of self-improvement. Specific benchmarks (for me, a former teacher) invite failure or comparison, and as someone recently told me, comparison is the thief of joy. (Actually, she said "theft" of joy, but I think she meant "thief", which makes more sense.)

Maybe your program can help me see a different way.

Fiona said...

Good for you! Will be back next week to see how it goes.