10 September 2017

Just When I Thought I'd Figured It Out

As you likely know, I am an animal lover.  The Tim and I are vegetarians (though admittedly we eat fish on occasion), and we try really hard not to buy leather shoes, bags, etc. (though we still use/wear things we've had for years).  So we are not perfect - like most people - and we are not vegan - because we are ridiculously fond of dairy products.  But we do try to be conscious about what we are buying and what we are eating.

For many years, I've done my best to be really conscientious about beauty products.  I made every effort to buy and use things that were listed as being cruelty-free.  And for a while, it seemed that more and more companies were jumping on the bandwagon of wanting to be cruelty free, not testing their products on animals.  I was pleased because some of my favorite products and brands were on board, so I could buy and use their products in good conscience.

But that has changed in the past few years, apparently.  I don't know exactly when it happened (because frankly, I was going along obliviously), but at some point China demanded that any products from other countries that were sold there be tested on animals, as that is part of their accepted protocols.

I first became aware of this when I read a letter-to-the-editor in an issue of Allure magazine. The writer was bemoaning the fact that a product she had been using and really liked - Urban Decay Naked Palette - was now something she couldn't buy because they had started doing business in China, where animal testing was required.  Oh crap, I thought, and decided to do some research.  It was eye-opening to see all of the companies - drugstore and high-end brands - who had been cruelty-free, but were no longer.

From what I can determine, a lot of the companies that used to be cruelty-free still are, but have been bought out by larger companies that are not cruelty-free. Which adds another whole level to the issue.

Sigh.  Just when I thought I'd been careful enough to avoid using things tested on animals!  It's very disappointing to say the least.  Of course, China is a HUGE market for just about anything, and businesses are in business to make money.  

I've been making more of an effort than usual lately when I finish a product, to look for a replacement that is acceptable.  And that's OK, it's my responsibility to pay attention when I am buying things - be it safe food, non-polluted water, or face wash.  

But it was sure a heck of a lot easier when more companies were doing the right thing.

Thanks, China.


Anonymous said...

Katie at the Inside Number 23 blog just spoke about the same thing.

I don't wear makeup, but I should make an effort to find out if my shampoo, facewash, toothpaste, etc...are cruelty free.

Nance said...

I applaud your conscientious consumerism. I've also become a more careful consumer, environmentally speaking, especially now when the current federal administration is rolling back basic protections for our air and water and land. My personal mission is against those awful plastic or other non-biodegradable beads in face washes and soaps. It's alarming how many products still contain them when it is a SCIENTIFIC FACT that they are killing our fish and other marine life, who mistake it for food.

It's obviously up to us, the final buyers (or NOT) of the products, to determine what succeeds or fails in the marketplace. Supply and demand. If we demand cruelty-free products and say No to the rest, suppliers will listen or suffer at their bottom line.

elns said...

Oh man, that's a bummer. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I applaud anyone who is thinking beyond the point a and b of their consumption. I don't do it nearly as much as I probably should.

Vera said...

Oh crap! I don't really wear much make up other than mascara and sometimes liner, but still...I do use shampoo, etc.