08 March 2017

International Women's Day

Today, I went to work.  Because I don't have any extra days to take off, and couldn't have taken off today anyway, because of our work situation.  I had intended to wear red, but was in walking zombie mode when getting dressed this morning, and completely forgot.  Oh well, at least I  had a red bracelet on ...

BUT - I have a job, even if it is one with issues.  I get a paycheck once a month, and since my husband is also employed, I get decent health insurance through his work.  I actually am lucky enough to have that choice.

Not every woman has anything close to that, and yet there were still people who asked, "Well then, when is International Men's Day?" (My response would be every day, but maybe that's just me.)

We are living in a tenuous time, when poor women are being even more and more marginalized.*  Many of those that write the laws and pass those same laws are anxious to put the poor in their place, to stop them from being so lazy, or from playing the system.  

Women are just so often not seen as that important or as useful, especially once they have provided children (preferably male, to "carry on the name"), and when they stand up for themselves, the criticism is rampant.

You know what?  There are some women who are lazy. There are some women who try to play the system.   There are some women who are only ever looking out for themselves.

Just like some men - wait, WHAT???!!!

I hope enough people of every race, gender, and persuasion will keep fighting and keep annoying those in power. 

*as are men and children, but I am focusing on International Women's Day here.


On a kinda/sorta/maybe-not-really-related note, the other day, an acquaintance of mine who is about a year older than I am, was telling me how she found a great pair of new jeans over the weekend, and was going to wear them out to dinner with her friends this week.  She posted a picture of herself and her friends on Instagram, and her new (and might I add expensive) jeans, were the kind that are ripped and torn.  When she asked me if I'd seen it and I said yes, she asked me what I thought of the jeans.  I said they looked fine (and they did, she looked nice enough).  She asked me why I never wear ripped jeans, since they are in style.  

And I had to tell her that she will likely never see me in ripped jeans, if I can help it.  And though she assumed it was because I thought I was too old to wear them, that's not really the reason.

When I was growing up, we were poor.  As in, really poor.  But my parents always took pride in the fact that we were always clean, and that our clothes were always not just clean but presentable in spite of circumstances.  People who wore ripped clothing back then were poor people, and my parents always said that just because we *were* poor, we didn't have to *look* poor.  Our clothes were mended if they ripped or torn.

So even though I know that things are different today, there is still a huge disconnect for me.  

As in, these women are poor:

But these women are stylish:

And they are all wearing ripped jeans ...

Nope, I can't.  


Anonymous said...

You'll never catch me in ripped jeans (bought that way) either. I cannot justify spending that amount of money on what I consider a VERY silly trend.

When I buy clothes I intend them to last a good long lifetime.

Vera said...

I won't be buying/wearing them either...mine get frayed and that's ok. Remember back in the 60's you would embroider or patch a rip?

Mereknits said...

I too had to work on Wednesday. I am a contract employee and if I do not work I do not get paid, plain and simple. I did wear red. I am so afraid for women in this administration. We are taking leaps backward as far as pay equality, health care and reproductive rights. I have one pair of ripped jean and they are ripped because I wore them out in the knees at work. I am often on my knees with the kids I work with so this happens all the time. I wear them on the weekend because they are comfortable and I want to get even last bit of wear out of them. I do not wear them to be trendy because the one thing I am not is trendy. I love your post.

elns said...

I don't think I've ever bought ripped jeans AKA distressed jeans. I'm with you. I feel like I had distressed times. My jeans were worn for a while and that was how it was. There were times when I was embarrassed and there were times where I felt like it was character but I would never purchase them that way, and I would throw them away now if they wore out now.

I have that thing too about having to wear clothes that didn't fit. I can't stand to see my son wearing "flood" pants. It brings back these memories. Ugh.

Anyways. As for International Women's Day. You said it well and I roll my eyes at that what about International Men's Day. I think that type of defensiveness speaks volumes. All the best to you Bridget!

Jodiebodie said...

I'm a new visitor and I like your blog already from the first few entries that I have read. Your story about the ripped jeans resonated with me. I have the same associations with ripped clothing as you.

Like Meredith, the only ripped jeans that I have are ones that I have worn out myself through normal wear and tear and, guess what - I am crocheting a patch to go over the knee to accompany the current patch which is across the backside! These are my ever-so-comfy jeans that I like to wear in the garden. Keeping clothing well-mended lengthens its lifespan.

I discourage my children from even considering a purchase of pre-ripped jeans - it makes no sense to me to buy clothing that is already half worn out and will not last half as long as jeans that come intact!

So many things I am nodding my head to, as I read your words and look forward to reading more. :-)