11 January 2017

I Really Don't Mean to Be Contrarian, But It Seems to Just Happen

Hello, and before we go any further, Happy New Year!  I've been dealing with the cold/crud/whatever that is going around, and though I've been reading the blogs I enjoy, and occasionally commenting, I've usually felt too out of it to post much myself.  But here I am, and I hope that so far, 2017 is treating you well.

I decided to write this post, because not feeling well usually makes me even crankier than I usually am.  Now let me start by saying I was an old-person crank even as a teenager.  So it's not like being sick or getting older has suddenly turned me into one.  But sometimes it's just worse than others.  And various things can trigger a particular bout of the cranks, so you cannot always predict when it might happen.

A lot of the time, my crankiness is due to feeling quite differently about things that others assume I like because I fall into a certain group or type.  Now sometimes I agree, and it's no big deal.  I can appreciate the Cat Lady things, and find them amusing, because I see a lot of myself in them.  And though I don't feel I'm as squirrely as the typical Librarian stereotype, there's a lot in that concept that reflects my personality (i.e., I wish I could get people to just shut up about 99% of the time).  I have even been known to point out to others that I am a potentially perfect combination of what others may find to be a frightening concept:  I am a librarian.  I wear glasses.  I have lots of cats.  I like to knit.  I'm guessing for a lot of people, this is what they see:

But you know, with cats everywhere, and knitting stuff on the desk as well.

Lately though, I'm getting annoyed, cranky, and even offended by things that everyone else is embracing.  This is not unusual, and to be 100% honest, I really and truly do not care if others are amused, thrilled, inspired, or whatever by these things.  I just wish they would not assume that I am.

Case in Point #1:

a. I am a breast cancer survivor.  This apparently makes the majority of people I know think that I am completely inspired by things like women who have had mastectomies getting large tattoos where there breasts used to be and then posing for photos to prove their strength.  I'm not inspired.  I say, good for them, do what makes you feel the best and that you are reclaiming your existence.  But I don't really care, and frankly I don't really want to see it.  

b. I am also annoyed by things that are meant to be amusing about "boobies" (which except for the word when it refers to a bird, I think should be banned from the English language).  I am not amused by "Boobie" scarves, hats, blankets, whatevers.  Do a quick Ravelry search on the word - ugh.  I find it to be demeaning, frankly.  But an awful lot of people I know think it's adorable, hysterical, empowering, and will create world peace (OK maybe not that last one).  Fine.  Just do not assume I'm on board.

Case in Point #2 and the current reason I am feeling contrary:

Pussy Hats.  I get it.  I appreciate the point attempting to be made and why.  I really do.  But I am one of those people who truly believes that the word should only ever be used to talk about felines, aka pussy cats.  Part of it is my age, my upbringing, and my own personal idiosyncratic belief system and personal rules.  I am perfectly fine with people who are embracing the idea, and making hats, wearing hats, and are 100% on board.   I am not. 

Don't get me wrong.  I plan to participate in the Women's March here in Philadelphia.  I have no confidence in, or respect for, our incoming administration, and though it isn't much, I feel my participation will at least be something I can actively do.  If I have the yarn (I have no pink yarn, but some reds), the time, or the inclination to knit anything, I'll knit a Resist Hat, which to me is more relevant, something I can see wearing more than just one day, and whose message is more in line with my concept of why I'm even bothering to join the others.  

Again, to each their own.  I'm just not interested in that part of that particular bandwagon.

And then, on a much smaller scale, Case in Point #3:

This is so minimal, it's not even worth mentioning, and yet I am.  (Being contrary again, you see!)  Apparently there is a big recall of Hostess Twinkies.  I have never been a fan of Hostess Twinkies, though admittedly, I can plow through Hostess Cupcakes in record time.  Currently I live in Philadelphia, home of Tastykakes:

Let me assure you, Philadelphians take their Tastykakes VERY SERIOUSLY.  I learned that when I first moved here, and happened to mention that I liked Hostess Cupcakes better.  The horror!  

The truth is, at this point, I think it's been years since I've had a Hostess Cupcake.  And I do like the KandyKake flavor of Tastykake (peanut butter and chocolate), so I'm not a complete barbarian.  But frankly, if I hear one more person around me talk excitedly about how Twinkies have been recalled, but Tastykakes never have been and that is why they are so superior, I may have to go into the fetal position for several hours.

Clearly, I just need to stay in my house and never engage with the world ... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Can I come hide out in your house with you???? Ohhh....I guess that would kind of negate any benefit of hiding, wouldn't it.

I must be a contrarian too --- I think they hype over breast cancer awareness must be very offensive to those who have had any other cancer for which there is not a cure. I think Breast Cancer Awareness month would not be a "thing" if it weren't for the fact that men love breasts! There is NOTHING more assinine than a field full of NFL players wearing pink shoes! (Athough a naked Jaxson DeVille wearing a "save the tatas sign) WAS pretty funny --- in poor taste, but funny.

You will NOT see me wearing a pussy hat OR calling another women YO BITCH. It is degrading when a man does it ....it's degrading when a WOMAN does it.

As for TASTYKAKES --- Butterscotch Krimpets RULE!

Vera said...

LOL. I do love your posts. And, Dee beat me to the comments. If only she (that's you Dee) would fly up here then the three of us could hide out together somewhere (maybe a library where we could knit?).

As for Tastykakes - I used to work with someone who would buy Butterscotch Krimpets, eat the frosting and throw the cake out!

Mereknits said...

As you know I am full in with the hat project even though I detest the word. But it got my attention and that was the plan.

As for breast cancer awareness. I am so happy it is out there and athletes and all others wear pink the month of October. BUt being a cancer survivor that was not breast cancer I sometimes feel a bit funny that my cancer was not as meaningful and out there.

elns said...

This is a great post. There have been people have posted really intelligently like you and Dee on their support and understanding of women wanting to take ownership of the use of these word but NOT agreeing and NOT being onboard with this philosophy even if they do not support the new administration and their lack of, well everything. I see both sides of the story and am grateful I "know" people that are able to respectfully discuss their positions. It's refreshing. I'm knitting a hat for a friend but on the use of language, honestly I'm somewhere in the middle and nod with both sentiments if that makes any sense -- I think it's where/who I grew up with and around. You might be contrarian (which I love) but I am contradiction I suppose of sorts. I'm working on it.

I am not really that into tattoos though I admire and appreciate some. Personally (this is not popular) but I find no tattoos far more unique than skin/life art. to each their own.

I'm not a fan of facebook - that makes me unpopular even with family. All it takes is one removed person from your life claim they know you or ask for money and I was GHOST out that app.

We do not have TastyKake here, but I loved how you described the outrage, hehe. Also I never liked twinkies but I am really glad and bonded that yor have a love of the hostess cupcake. I sneak them into my drawer at work sometimes. I like a ho ho and a ding dong as well. Basically if you can mix up that weird marshmallowy frosting and chocolate cake and I am smitten. shh. I work with a lot of healthy people, they are SO annoying ;)