19 October 2016

Hair-story, Part #200912078

Well, it seems that way to me, anyway.

This Friday, I'm off to get my hair cut.  The Saga of My Hair kinda sorta continues.  There have been some definite developments, however:

1. I stopped getting my hair colored.  I do miss my reddish hair, but a) it was expensive, b) I don't mind my gray hair (just wish I had more, frankly), and c) I'm pretty sure I was the only one who cared anyway.

2.  I have found two "acceptable" stylists.  Not great, not perfect, but fine.  I can go back to them if my search for someone I just click with fails.  I have three more possibilities.  Sadly, I'm not actually as picky as I sound ... I just want someone who *gets* short hair on women!

3. The above acceptable stylists are pretty reasonably priced for this area.  That pleases me, even if they are not a 100% match for me in the end.

So anyway, I'm going to a new person at a previous place on Friday after work.  I liked the place, but the person I got turned out to be really rude, and only willing to do what they wanted, which was not anything like what I wanted.  But I've heard of the person I'm seeing on Friday, and have stalked them on Instagram, and it seems as if they have a lot of experience with short hair on women.  Fingers crossed.

A lot of my friends think this is all hilarious, because "when you have short hair, why do you need to get it cut regularly?"  Well, for one thing, my hair grows pretty quickly.  Right now, for instance, it's sticking out.  Not like this, which would be OK:

But like this, over my ears (though not as much hair, needless to say):

Also, I've never had this much hair in my life as the woman in the above photo!

My last haircut was one of the acceptable ones.  I had seen a woman on the street with exactly what I wanted.  I stopped and asked her where she got her hair cut, etc., and made an appt later that same day.  When I got to the place, I told the same stylist that this woman had, the whole story, and she said, "Well of course we can do that, it will work just fine!"  At the end, it was "fine" but not what the stranger-on-the-street had.  I kept thinking as it grew, it would look more similar, but nope.  Granted, the woman I saw likely has completely different hair than I do, but it was somewhat disappointing.  Especially since the place had a RESIDENT CAT!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting the above-ear hair at least trimmed, and the rest too.  Even when it's not 100 degrees outside, I cannot stand to have hair down my neck, and it's grown to the point where it's really bugging me.

Who knows?  I may hit the jackpot this time.  If not, it will still be OK.  Just slightly disappointing.

Another thing that falls into the category that my sister calls "White Man's Problems." :-)


Vera said...

Good luck! I go back and forth -- long hair and then I get it all cut off, grow it out, then cut it off. But, when it is short, I need to have it cut every 4 weeks. It does get expensive. I stopped putting any color or highlights on my hair too. I keep channeling Emmy Lou Harris and Bonnie Raitt. That second picture is hysterical!!

Anonymous said...

Boy do I hear you. I have cowlicks. ALL.OVER.THE.DAMN.PLACE.

I finally found the perfect place to get my haircut. Steve's BARBERSHOP!

Mereknits said...

I keep my hair shoulder length with no style at all. I pull it up most days and hope no one is looking at how thin it really is. Good luck,

Lorette said...

Ack. I just fired my last stylist. I've been going to the same salon for several years. The owner was the one who cut my hair, and I liked what she did, mostly. Then she quit doing hair to run the business full time. I've been through two since, one got fired. The last one cuts my hair way too short, even if I specify "just a trim" and show her exactly how much I want trimmed.

Good luck with the new one. And the transition to grey is a tough one, but I have zero regrets on that.