25 October 2016

Clean Up Progress Report

Earlier in October, I wrote this post. Sadly, I wasn't able to get to working on it that next weekend, and the weekend after that, we were in Rehoboth Beach - which was FUN, but not conducive to getting anything done at home.

But this past weekend, I did spend some time cleaning out my closet.  And I actually got a lot of stuff cleaned up and organized.  It's funny - I don't have that much in my "wardrobe" but I also can't spend more than an hour or so on cleaning out/shifting stuff around.  But I got quite a bit done anyway.  By the time I finished, I had these bags ready to take to the Red Cross donation truck near our house.

Now, I still have some work to do, cleaning out.  But the good thing is that once I get started, I become much more committed to getting serious about it.  And I realize that a lot of the things I thought might be worth keeping for "someday" are not things I'm ever gonna use/wear.  So as I continue this weekend, I won't be keeping the things I kept for no real reason, "just in case."  Because I have a tendency to keep things if I feel like there is any possibility in the world that I might wear them, ever.  Which doesn't make sense when - if I really think about it - I know I never will.

On the one hand, a lot of my clothes are ones I've had for years, and still wear.  The problem is that since I have had them for so long, I have a tendency to be surprised when they actually wear out and need to be replaced.  So I'm making a list as I put some things away and get other things out for colder weather of things that are probably on their last legs.  Theoretically, that means that I can hopefully replace them before they completely fall apart.  Theoretically. ;-)

Anyway, baby steps, but some progress.  And at least at the moment, I'm wanting to continue.


Vera said...

Good for you Bridget - progress is being made! My closet is in pretty good shape, but I (still) need to tackle the closet in what was our son's room...the shoes (lots of sneakers...in good shape!!) are in a bag to donate, but there are still shirts and pants hanging. And then to convince my husband to do the same (Mr. Who Hangs Onto EVERY Little Thing - EVERYTHING!!).

Anonymous said...

We had to SERIOUSLY pare down. Our new apartment is smaller than our PORCH in our old house. Some things had to be left behind, but I don't think I'll miss them all that much.

The apartment is very cozy and once our pictures are hung .... it will be home, sweet, apartment.

Mereknits said...

Good for you getting that done. I am constantly going through my clothes. I just donated two big bags full of Little Buddy's to a patient of mine. It feels good to move them along.