29 September 2016


Why is there cold air actively blowing out of the vent in my office?  This did not occur all summer, while it would have actually been pleasant.  And the heat in the winter doesn't do that.

Why am I subject to mansplaining?  (Why is anyone subject to mansplaining?)  It would be different if I asked for explanations, but so far this week that has not been the case.

Why don't I work at one of those places that provide free coffee and tea for their employees?

Why aren't mashed potatoes part of every meal? (Primary answer: because I don't fix them for every meal.)

Why do drivers insist on driving though puddles/standing water after rain and splashing pedestrians when the whole rest of the street is available for driving?

Why do cats think that every single time you get up out of a chair, you're going to feed them, when in fact that has never, ever occurred?

Why, if you were running for President, would you not be aware of the rest of the world? (I'm looking at you, Gary Johnson, and though some may say you are more concerned about U.S.-centric issues, I'm guessing you can't name a U.S. leader either.)

Why are good books always too short?

I know there are not good answers to most of these questions.  And, on the plus side, at least I'm not as worked up as this guy.

Have a good Thursday and upcoming weekend!


Vera said...

All good questions. I would also add: "Why do snakes have to live on my property when there is an entire neighborhood and they could move over to another house?" Ventilation problems abound at my workplace -- need a heavy sweater in the summer and sometimes wish I had worn short sleeves in winter. My company is fabulous though with tremendous perks. Free coffee, tea (many kinds of both), breakfasts every other Friday, catered meals throughout the year. We used to have free soda and bottled water too...but too many people walked home with their weekly groceries (still happens with the paper towels). Why can't people be happy with what they have instead of always trying to get more?

Mereknits said...

This might be my favorite post of the week. Gary Johnson needs to keep his tongue in his mouth and not make faces, we already have one candidate whose faces are ridiculous. Why are women held to an entirely different standard? Why can a man interrupt a woman fifty times in a debate and the woman is still not smiling enough, or is over prepared? I am looking at you Chuck Todd!


Anonymous said...

Why does my cat think 6:30 AM is a good time to make my bed a trampoline?

Why are crappy books always too LONG??? (Although I guess I could quit at any time.)

Questions! We ALL have questions!!!