12 August 2016

Summer Friday Smiles

I don't know about things where you are, but it's really hot and really humid and really awful here in Philadelphia.  And weather people are warning that it will be worse this weekend.  Ugh.  

So here are some things that I hope will make you smile.  Just because it's Friday, and just because it's too miserable.

Keep cool and have a good weekend!


Vera said...

These are good - I especially love the cat one and the bacon one. Too funny and the cat one is too true - lol.

Anonymous said...

We've been hot and humid here too, but the difference is ....most every place has air conditioning. Sometimes too MUCH air conditioning.

I know a lot of places in Phila. aren't A/C'd.

elns said...

Thanks Bridget I needed that. You have no idea, just how much.We gotta laugh as much as we can.