13 July 2016

Just Silly

Yesterday I came across this picture and posted it on Facebook.  Because even though I don't know the people involved, or where this was taken, I laughed about it all day.  Just thinking about it made me laugh.

So I decided to poke around to find some other photos that amused me and that I could share. I hope at least one of them (if not all) will make you smile, because I think we all need some silly.

Animals are always good for a photobomb.

(That cat has a nefarious plan ...)

This horse didn't think the little kids should have all the fun.

I think this one is perfect, because the cat clearly just walked into the frame and doesn't care at all about the bride and groom's artful photo.

I don't know about you, but that made me feel better ... :-)


Vera said...

These are grat - especially the first one!

elns said...

YES! i love photobombs and cats give THE BEST stink face. hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That ginger kitty is cooking up QUITE the nefarious plan. You can tell by the FACE!

Marie said...

Mission accomplished! I may be smiling for the rest of the day! Thanks.