23 June 2016

Life's a Beach

Now that the Summer Solstice has arrived, it really and truly is summertime.  And that means, if you have not gone shopping yet, it's time to get out there and buy a new swimsuit!

For some people, this is not one of their favorite things to do.  I know I am ambivalent about it, though I feel lucky since I bought a new suit last year (and then never even got a chance to get wet, either in a pool or by going to the beach).  

But I thought maybe some inspiration and pictures of good times at the beach might help inspire all of us.

Am I the only one who thinks they don't seem either footloose OR fancy-free?

Whereas, these bros are ready for fun and action in their amazing Jantzen swim trunks!

This poor guy!

He can only aspire to this.

I also never realized that this was the origin of "it" - though now, of course it makes perfect sense!

Regardless of whether or not you are lucky enough to have a Jantzen swimsuit or trunks, I doubt any of us have EVER had this much fun.

Who will she choose?????

No matter what you do though, I think we all know that everyone looks better in a swimsuit if they eat a healthy diet.

You learn something new every day, no?

P.S. I remember Jantzen swimsuits.  But they were too expensive for our family's pocketbook, so I don't think any of us ever had one.  Clearly we missed out ... ;-)

Have a good upcoming weekend, and don't eat too much [i.e. any] lard!


Anonymous said...

THAT'S what is missing in my life! LARD! (Oh my gosh .......can you imagine! LOL)

Vera said...

Too funny! LARD - OMG! I think my husband's grandmother used lard occasionally when cooking...probably my grandmother did too. Yikes! Those Jantzen ads are priceless. I think I did have a Jantzen tank suit once...long, long ago.