17 June 2016

Dirty Clean Hair

Hello and Happy Friday!  Actually I have to admit I'm actually not happy that it's Friday, because we have been on vacation this week, and so this is my last vacation day from work, which is way beyond depressing.

One of the things I did this week was get my hair cut.  I had originally made an appt for cut and color, but since we have been investing a lot of dollars into Dug's rehab therapy, I changed it to just a cut.  I was hoping that my gray hair would work to make it look good.

Well, I am pleased with my haircut - nice and short for the summer, and I don't have to blow it dry unless for some reason I want to (you know, a state occasion like someone's wedding or something).  But my gray hair has let me down, I'm afraid.  There's not enough of it to make the rest of my hair color look OK.

Growing up, I had blonde hair.  By the time I was 30, it was not the light blonde of my earlier life, but more of a dark, muddy blonde.  I used to get highlights, which helped a lot in making the rest of the muddy color look acceptable.  Then a few years ago, I decided to try getting all-over color, since I keep my hair short and the highlights grew out too fast.  My stylist at the time talked me into a shade of red, and not only did it look great, but it grew in just fine, with no weird-looking roots.

The last time I had my hair colored was about six months ago, when I had a falling out with the guy I had found and originally liked who was cutting and coloring my hair.  He insisted on doing what *he* wanted, and I was not pleased with the result.  So by the time I went to get my haircut on Wednesday, it was all grown out.  I had a nice splotch of gray in the front, and then other gray throughout, and it broke up the dull.

Sadly though, most of the gray got cut out.  And I'm left with sprinkles of gray, but 99% of my head is the color that my blonde hair used to be when it was dirty!

The good thing: I'm really the only one who cares.  I have finally realized after a bazillion years on the earth that 99% of the people I see don't notice me, or my hair, no matter how good or bad it looks.  Plus, at some point, I will have a ton of gray hair, and hopefully it will look nice.  In the meantime, I can save my $$ so that the next time, I can get some color.

The bad thing: I own mirrors. ;-)


Anonymous said...

If you really HATE going without hair color, could you do it yourself with a semi-permanent rinse. It really sounds like you don't need to change your color much.

I like my grey hair. It is kind of crazy stripey grey in the back with a big stripe of white in the front. It's unique and totally ME!

Mereknits said...

I love my gray streak in front and the gray splattering all over my head. I find it rare to see people with actual gray hair these days. Let it go and let the gray fill in, you will be the exception and not the rule and you will save $$$$$.
How is Dug?