06 May 2016

Maintenance Level

Before I say anything else, I have to tell you that I am SICK of rain.  This entire week it has rained every single day, and today I felt like I just should have tried to swim to work rather than attempt to walk!  I know rain is needed for plants, flowers, the planet, etc., but I enjoy it more when it is occasional and not constant.  And when it is not pouring as it was this morning.  I've spent the entire week longing to feel dry instead of damp ...

OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's proceed.

A couple days ago, I read this blog post, and it got me to thinking about my own thoughts and ideas about beauty, aging, appearance, etc.

I think I've stated more than once that I enjoy fooling around with makeup, and that I like to try new things from time to time.  There are times when I think I spend too much time reading or thinking about it.  At those moments, I consider myself High Maintenance.

Then I'll read an article with a title like "How Supermodel Pretty McLovely Looks Natural" and realize that maybe I don't even *have* a level of maintenance, compared to others!  To me, using approximately 15 products on your face and/or person before you go out the door with your "everyday" look is nuts.  Granted, I don't rely on my looks to make a living, but it's amazing to me how many different things some people use on a daily basis.

My sister Nancy, for instance, never leaves the house without a full face of makeup.  I mean, lipstick, eye makeup, mascara, the whole thing - even to go to the gym!  WHAT?  And I know that she longs to get Botox, cosmetic surgery, etc., but cannot afford it.  Don't get me wrong, she's a lovely woman who always looks nice and extremely fashionable, but when she visits or I visit her, just watching her get ready to go to the grocery store is exhausting, you know?  And I have no idea what Nancy's actual hair color is, or if she has gone gray at all, since she has colored her hair since she was in high school and I was a little girl.  I assume she has gray hair, but couldn't swear to it in a court of law. ;-)

Then there is my other sister, Mary Ellen.  Who has worn mascara to each of her daughter's weddings, and that's it.  A few summers ago, her daughters talked her into getting her eyebrows waxed and she said, "I had no idea such a thing could make such a difference."  She has that lovely gray hair that everyone wants but so few are lucky enough to get.  She enjoys seeing her daughters try different makeup, hair color, etc., but is just not interested herself.  She finds even just the mention of something like Botox offensive.

All of my nieces love makeup, hair products, clothes, etc. in various degrees.  None of Mary Ellen's daughters understand her disinterest in such things, though to their credit, they find it more amusing than anything else.  I know that at least two my nieces get Botox injections pretty regularly (one is in her early 40s, the other in her mid-30s), which always surprises me.

So clearly, I'm not even has high maintenance as members of my own family!

I guess I'm at medium level, and even then, it depends on the day and what is or is not happening.  Theoretically, I would love to look great and put together whenever I leave the house.  In reality, if it's not a work day or I'm not going anyplace special, I look clean and neat, and that's it.  I've never been interested in cosmetic surgery or Botox, mostly because I cannot imagine why anyone would voluntarily have surgery or want someone to put needles into their face.  Admittedly, I used to look disdainfully at people who did either or both.  I have become slightly more forgiving, having convinced myself that a) it's none of my business what others want to do with their appearance, and b) they don't care what I think anyway.

I enjoy makeup.  I have colored my hair in the past, and may do so again the next time I go for a cut; I haven't decided.  I think it's important to be neat, clean, and have a good overall appearance.  And for some occasions, I'll spend a lot of time and effort before leaving the house to look my very best.  But I cannot imagine devoting a large chunk of every day to just getting ready to walk outside.

What about you?  Where do you fall on the maintenance scale?


Vera said...

Well, I'm sort of in the middle like you. I do enjoy "playing" with different products, but have no desire to be made up like a model. I wear a minimum of make-up during the week - very thin pencil liner, mascara, maybe a little blush if I'm feeling like I look pasty or something. Oh and now that I'm in my 60's I find I'm using an eyebrow pencil (keeping in mind sisters not twins - LOL). The one thing I do religiously is moisturize - morning and night. And I have for years now. And, always, always remove make-up before bed.

Anonymous said...

Cosmetically, I'm very LOW maintenance. My hair is cut short and is naturally salt-and-pepper. Wash and wear.

I don't wear makeup at all.

Medically, I'm high maintenance. I just can't get up and go anymore ..... I have a routine that must be done to keep myself alive. At one point it took a bit of time, but now that I've got the routine down, it's a little over a half and hour. Not bad.

So ---- I'm somewhere in the middle, but not by choice. LOL

Mereknits said...

I am as natural as you can get, wearing little to no make-up and letting my hair go gray. I am the only one among my friends who does this, many color their hair and many have had injections and surgery. I am so sad we live in age that aging gracefully, or even not so gracefully is frowned on, frowning creating more wrinkles!