27 January 2016

Retro Beauty - Exercise

Hello!  I'm still here, just overwhelmed with things, but I'm talking myself out of it, so hopefully I'll be here more regularly.

Do any of you watch the show "Call the Midwife"?  We've watched it from the beginning, and recently started watching the new season.  One of the main characters has graduated from taking part in a fitness class, to being an instructor.

As the episode progresses, a freelance photographer snaps photos for a newspaper of a few of the characters - one set with them in their uniforms, another where they are wearing leotards:

Take a look - by today's standards, no big deal, right?  Well, part of the episode is the shock the nuns at the Nonnatus House show when they see the photo.

This episode is set in 1961.  It's funny to think that dressing like this for an exercise class would shock anyone ...


Anonymous said...


Oh my ......those nuns would be scandalized by what goes on at MY gym. I workout at a gym that has a LOT of body builders (both men and women). When they are learning "posing", there ain't a lot of fabric around.

elns said...

That's a great photo. the long sleeves make me feel like sweating, but I'm one of THOSE girls that sweats a lot when she works out, what can I say?

I will wear the exercise tights every now and then instead of yoga pants to cardio class, but I am still a sucker for a pair of sweats and a baggy t-shirt. I know some very nice ladies at the gym, but I am admit to being somewhat scandalized by one friend who often just wears a lovely sports bra on her lovely body. I think only because it's so different from my own personal style.

I really consider it my issue and not hers though, I promise!