04 November 2015

Retro Beauty - Cake Mascara

I was just reminded of this product - do any of you remember it?

Cake mascara!  I remember my mother had this exact brand/case, and I was always fascinated to watch her put on mascara.  Later in her life, she used mascara in a tube, which is more common now, but this picture brings back memories.  Mascara seemed so mysterious when it looked like this!

Having said that, I have trouble enough with the tube, I can only imagine the "look" I would have after using this product.  Though the friend who reminded me about this was telling me that cake mascara is making a comeback.

Probably not in my house, though.  :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I used that exact mascara. It is actually easier than the tube stuff. It doesn't glop or make your eyelashes clump together.