07 November 2015

Hair Glop

I am lazy with my hair, I think I've said that many times before.  However, I do like it to look nice.  I have a lot of hair, but it's very fine, and very soft, so it's hard to get it looking like much of anything.  And it's straight to the point where it will "curl" for about half an hour, and then it looks like I didn't ever even think of trying to curl it.

Anyway, I've tried lots of products, some on my own, others recommended by friends and various stylists.  Some work better than others, but I'm still looking for THE ONE.  I have a haircut appt next Saturday at a new place, so we'll see what suggestions I get from that person.

I do like it when you can get a sample.  That's why I tried these:

And that is just in the last year!  Each one had some nice things about it, but none really helped to style my hair, and some were too sticky, no matter how little was used.

I've also tried various drug store products, and ended up returning every single one.  Over the years, I've tried big brands, small brands, and just things that looked promising, with no success.

For a long time (about 2 years!) I used this and really liked it.  Then I don't know if my hair got tired of it or what, but it joined the ranks of the others.

I know I will never have luxurious, thick waves, or I won't look like models in salon magazines.  But I really do hope I can get a good cut and some product recommendations next Saturday.

Do you use any products?  Are there any you really really love?

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elns said...

Okay, I'm glad you prescribe to the 'my hair got tired of it." feeling, because so do I. I feel this way even for shampoo. Honestly I'm a lazy straight haired girl as well.

I have stopped using product because though my hair is thick and not fine, it seems to devolve into a greasy mess too easily. I think that leave in conditioners are about as wild as i get these days. Every now and again a styling creme, but not for everyday. Pomade is too thick.