05 September 2014

Walking the Walk

I have always enjoyed walking.  And I am fortunate enough to live close enough to where I work to walk back and forth, thus being the only one responsible for how long my commute takes.

Since my surgery, the only physical exercise that is allowed to me is walking - at least until the end of October.  The first week or so, making it around the block was exhausting.  Since then, I've been making reasonable progress, and increasing the distance little by little.  I try to take a walk twice a day, which has not been a problem until this past week, when it has been ridiculously hot and humid here.  But I've still managed to get two walks in - though usually the one in the morning is longer, since it's more bearable, temperature-wise.

The thing that I have noticed though, is that most of the other people I see who are out walking don't look like they are walking for pleasure or exercise.  Rather, they are clearly on their way to something/someplace else, with a specific destination or purpose in mind.  I'll easily admit that a lot of the time, I'm in that situation as well.

But I am now reminded of how wonderful it is to walk just to go out and walk.  You know, because it's a nice day, and being outside is pleasant.  Or even not, but you want to get out of the house even though you have no particular reason to do so.

I would encourage you to take a walk.  Even if it is only for ten minutes a day.  First of all, that little bit of  movement is better than none at all.  But more importantly, taking a walk can do so much.  You notice things, because you are taking your time, and not thinking of the next thing (at least in theory).  You can take the time to think about things, and sometimes clear your head of lots of worries and cobwebs.  It's alone time if you want it to be, or the perfect time to catch up with a friend without a thousand interruptions.  For the most part, you don't need to buy any special equipment or clothes to do it - you can just get dressed and go.

This time around with my surgery and my walking, I've had so much time to think, to enjoy the world around me, and to decide that I am going to try more than ever to live in the present, and take my time with my life.  I think I'm around so many people who are always in a hurry, or bragging about how well they multitask, that I get caught up in it without even realizing that it is happening.  I feel stressed so much of the time, and it's as much because of everyone and everything around me as it is things that I personally have going on in my life.

I am lucky.  I have a nice life.  And I want to start to appreciate and enjoy it more.  Because I am here now, and I can.

And I'm going to be sure to keep walking.

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