08 September 2014

Makeup Uniform?

As you know, I love clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry - well, all that kind of stuff.  However, I do not have the time or the money or even the desire to spend my life in search of something new, better, or prettier all of the time.  Granted, I do buy things, but like most people, my job and our bills get in the way of leading a glamorous, all-leisure life!

In addition, since my surgery, I am still at the point where most things take me a long time to do.  Certainly I am improving in small ways each day, but a week from today, I have to return to work.  I'm not thrilled about it, because my job has become pretty unpleasant ever since our museum affiliated with another local institution.  But it *is* a job, and it will be nice to start getting a paycheck again, since I have been unpaid while on medical leave.

I'd been thinking about all of this, and how my morning routine might need some adjustments, at least for the near future.  Granted, putting on my makeup is not something that takes a long time for me, at least not for every day (I will take my time and make an effort for special occasions), but if other things take longer, I'll need to take that into consideration.  Last week, while reading blogs that I follow on various topics, I came across this post, and decided that having a makeup "uniform" would not be a bad thing.  I spent most of my life wearing uniforms to school, and it was nice to not have to spend time every single morning thinking about/deciding what to wear.  (Though it was daunting to then get to college and suddenly have to think of such things!)

So whereas Tamira was writing her post talking about how she often ends up using the very same things every day, even though she has never consciously decided on a makeup uniform, I have decided this is just the kind of thing I need for my return to work.

I don't wear a *whole* lot of makeup to start with, but I have been known to take way too much time to decide whether or not to wear eyeshadow/eyeliner, and then take even longer to decide which one out of the few choices I have.  My new plan is to have a "uniform" for the week, that does not vary for the most part; I can take the time for choices for special occasions or on days when I am feeling particularly inspired.

I really think - and sincerely hope - this will allow me to go back to work feeling a little bit more polished and confident, without worrying about how long I am taking, and possibly getting to work late as a result.

Because let's face it, "my dog ate my homework" is one type of excuse, but "I had a hard time deciding on eye makeup" is a whole 'nother issue ...


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Kathleen Dames said...

I totally have a makeup uniform (tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss - done!). I might up the eye makeup ante and/or lips for special occasions and leave off mascara on the weekends but generally keep it very much the same.