12 September 2013

Hopefully, This Will Go Smoothly ...

I am a year overdue for a colonoscopy.  This is my fault, as I kept putting it off.  But my father had colon cancer (among other things), and there is no excuse for me putting it off.  However, I have had a difficult time in the past, and that was only to have the first one done - it took several tries, over the period of a year!  If that is not ridiculous, I'm not sure what is, you know?  It's not worth going into details, as it is kinda gross (trust me on that one).

The doctor who was finally able to get it to "work" has of course, since left the area.  I didn't want to return to the guy I originally went to see, and who tried five or six different preps with no success.  Shortly after I decided this, I had an appointment with my dermatologist, who I have been seeing for nearly 20 years, and who I like and trust very much.  She quickly recommended a doctor at another hospital here in town that she said was "the best."  So I decided to give it a try.

When I called to make an appointment, I asked for an office visit before the procedure, so I could discuss past issues with him.  He was a very nice, pleasant man, and to be honest, I kinda felt sorry for him - the more I explained things, the more I could see him looking like "What am I in for?"  But once we went over everything twice, he had a plan he thought would work, and I am now scheduled for a colonoscopy the day after Columbus Day.  Which will work nicely, since we are off work on Columbus Day, so I only need to take the actual day of the procedure as a sick day.

I hope it is successful, and I don't have to go again for another five years.  In my dream world, by then there would be some simpler prep to deal with, and it wouldn't be such a big deal.

First things first though ...

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Marie said...

Bridget -- Read this. It probably won't make your colonoscopy any more fun, but it is funny as hell, and it's actually encouraging people to not skip the procedure.