10 November 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons, Count Yourself Lucky

My kingdom for a lemon!  I love lemons, pretty much in any way, shape, or form.

But as you have likely guessed, I'm not writing a post about lemons.  Rather, explaining where I have been and what has happened since my last post at the end of August. 

Just as a quick recap - all is well.  But life is life, and things happen.

Work got crazy in September and October, since a new system was introduced and of course we had received no training and only a week's notice that it was coming.  Was I freaked out?  Yes, but as with most things, I realized that I could only move forward with it because I had no choice.  However, my co-workers are among the most dramatic people on the planet, and the angst and hand-wringing and whining made every day a challenge.  Especially since we are currently all in one too-small office together, with absolutely no personal space.

The first week of October, I was diagnosed with pneumonia, which explained the horrific way I'd been feeling for weeks.  Fortunately, once I had rest and proper meds, I recovered without incident.  We had October 8 off work for Columbus Day, and I had big plans, since was feeling better.  So I took the dog for a walk before getting started.  And I fell, breaking two front teeth and my right wrist.  I had surgery to repair it (with a plate and pins inserted) on October 12, and the next couple of weeks were a haze of pain and painkillers.  I am now on my fourth cast, though this one is more of a splint, and occupational therapy begins this coming Monday.  My orthopedic surgeon informed me that it could easily be a year until I am back to normal.

As you can imagine, all of this has put a real block into my life and holiday plans.  As far as knitting goes, I had already finished the primary things I wanted to make for people for birthday and Christmas gifts, because I cannot knit at all.  The thing is, can't do much else, either.  No baking.  No pulling out the decorations. 

BUT - here is what I am hoping:  that my occupational therapy will show progress so that I can do the small amount that is my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner (The Tim is responsible for the bulk of the cooking, his choice), and that by Christmastime, I'll be able to do even more, including decorations.  Because for me, that is part of the fun!

Of course, I may be too optimistic.  And I'll survive if that is the case.  I'll do what I can, and hope that by this time next year, this will just be a blip of memory - a case of life giving me more lemons than I really need right now.  :-)

Have a lovely weekend!


Mereknits said...

Oh Bridget, such a tough road yo have had. I am hoping OT really helps you. As I am an OT I have the greatest faith it will make you stronger and have better manipulation skills. Bless your heart and your wrist too.

Sandra Sallin said...

Oh goodness. I did the same thing., But I did it twice. I broke my left wrist 2 times. I had surgery also. Fell on the cement jumping over some wood. I'm 78 and should not be jumping in flip flops! I also bumped my head. So we sound alike. My wrist is fine now. I was in physical therapy for a while. Hope your all well now. I am.