22 March 2015

Random Beauty and Fashion

I keep coming across random beauty and fashion things - shows, articles where I don't expect to see them, and products that seem just plain weird, though I know they are popular.

We don't have cable.  Yes, we are quite possibly the only people on the planet without it, but such is life.  But our local networks have other high-definition secondary channels with additional programming.  Recently I came across two TV shows that I never knew existed.  One is Mirror Mirror, on something called the LiveWell Network (who knew such a think existed?), which - based upon viewing 1 1/2 episodes, seems pleasant enough, and somewhat approachable.  There are several segments, each about 8-10 minutes, so it is snippets of information.

Then there is Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call, which - based upon viewing approximately 20 minutes of one episode - appears to be two women who try to help others with specific issues like finding the right thing to wear for their shape and size.  It also seems OK, though the partial episode I saw also included a "fashionista" who seemed like a PITA.

Weird.  I guess if I was someone who paid closer attention, I might know these shows existed, or have a clue who the people were.  But to come across them sandwiched on channels that have other unknown shows shouldn't really surprise me I guess.

Then earlier today, I was reading an article online (of course now I don't remember where I found it) about Richard III's reburial, and the writer briefly commented on the topic of eye makeup.  Maybe I missed something?

Finally, I don't understand Wen Hair Care.  I mean, I do understand that it is a group of products that are supposed to give you lovely hair, without being a regular shampoo, but frankly, seeing the guy who is the founder would not inspire me, hair-wise.  Though I give him props for making people want to to use his products when, as far as I'm concerned, his hair is less than impressive ...

It amuses me to come across things like this on a random basis.  Of course, I have not delved deeply into any of them to have an educated opinion, but they all came to my attention just in this past week.  Which seems completely random.

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you?

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