06 July 2014

New Sandals!

I love shoes.  I love looking at shoes.  Unfortunately, due to foot problems, and the fact that I walk back and forth to work every day, I can't wear most of the styles out there.  In the summer, I am a big fan of sandals, but I have always had a hard time finding ones that I could wear that would look OK with dresses or skirts without being too casual.  Not necessarily dressy, but with a little bit more oomph than plain old sandals or certainly more than flip flops.

So I was pretty excited when I stopped at one of the shoe stores in my neighborhood yesterday after I got my hair cut, and saw these:

Well, OK, technically I didn't find them on my own - the woman who was helping me was wearing a pair in the Natural shade.  I complimented her on them, and she said that she liked them because they were lightweight and comfy, had good arch support, and were stable because of the way the sole was constructed - she wasn't in danger of falling off her shoes, so to speak.  Then she said they were Danskos, and it all made sense.  I love Dansko clogs, and decided that even though they looked "high" to me, I'd try them.

Crazy.  They are just like the clogs, where you are "up" on a platform, but your foot is even with itself, so it's not like wearing heels.  They feel *very* steady, and they are incredibly lightweight.  Plus, they actually look nice on your feet!  Add all of this with the fact that they were on sale, and they came home with me.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I have been known to kinda sorta fall off of my clogs, but fortunately the results have just been embarrassment rather than injury.  However, 99.9999999% of the time, I'm just fine walking along.  I sure hope that's the case with these as well.

If you want a pair for yourself, Zappos has them on sale here.  They are not uber-cheap, but they are worth the money - I find that I get tired of my Dansko clogs before they ever even come close to wearing out!

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